Lost Planet 2 Trailer Looks Phenomenal

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "Capcom's announcement of Lost Planet 2 on Xbox Live a few days has certainly generated quite a bit of concern amongst the gaming community regarding its exclusivity to the Xbox 360. It's doubtful that Lost Planet 2 won't make its way to the Playstation 3. What it is more likely is that Lost Planet 2 will be a timed exclusive on Microsoft's console if that. Regardless of the console, any fan of third person shooters has to be excited after seeing this trailer."

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king dong3521d ago

the first one was decent, had great graphics and a solid on-line.

but now the second one is shaping up to blow the first one away. 4-player co-op sounds amazing aswell. i would hope owners of both systems are looking forward to it. it's quite clear now that capcom have the beat multi-platorm engine around. just look at the trailer and other released shots..

second best looking game so far this gen..

MrWeymes3521d ago

I believe that this game will likely be multiplatorm as well. I certainly see Microsoft paying for a timed exclusive, though. It would be the smart thing to do.

Even in a business sense, it would be a poor decision for Capcom to release Lost Planet 2 as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Fans of the original that only own a Playstation 3 would feel extremely betrayed.

Like I said in the article, I was very impressed with the trailer and I don't care which console I play it on.

NewZealander3520d ago

second best? i would call this the best ive seen, and considering rumours are its only 40% into development...

capcom are putting out some real stunners.

colonel1793520d ago

They say that they will not do any game exclusive to any console, but then they can't resist a check from Microsoft.

Microsoft came to the gaming business to ruin gaming, That is all they have done. I remember the interview with Peter Moore about how their strategy was to $hit on Sony, but not by doing great games, not by offering better features, but just for the hell of it. They just wanted them to go down.

Third party developers that sell out by MS lose my respect since that day. I don't care how a great business strategy for them it is. If they say they will be developing games for BOTH consoles, then i want to see games for BOTH consoles on the SAME day.

Saque Enix is another one, saying that they won't do any exclusive game and they already have like 4 for xbox, and FF versus is the only one for PS3 so far.

Third party developers can go to hell! For all I care Sony first party games are way better that most of the 3rd parties combined. FACT!

And i am not saying this as a fanboy, bus as gamer!

MrWeymes3520d ago

I would agree with you Colonel if the Xbox 360 didn't have excellent games on the console, but that's just not the case.

Microsoft isn't ruining gaming. Hypothetically, if Microsoft drove Sony out of business, gamers wouldn't suffer too much. We would still have great games to play on a Microsoft console or a Nintendo console.

I'm not saying that I would ever want Sony to end their gaming division, but if they did, gaming would continue.

I agree that Sony has better first party games than the competition right now, but to say that they're better than all third party games is ridiculous. I've enjoyed first party and third party games almost equally this generation.

XLiveGamer3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

"Fans of the original that only own a Playstation 3 would feel extremely betrayed"

Almost every PS3 fan since this game was announced on Xbox Live have been posting sh!+ about him on everywhere in the internet.

The are the ones to blame not Capcom.

MNicholas3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Certainly appears to be nearly on level with Gears in that regard. However some terribly inconsistent aspects of the graphics hold it back. The water, for example, is just horrendous, particularly in the final scene of the trailer where it swells up. It looks more like an extra thick milk shake than water. The animation looks like it's from the PS2 era. Not the silky smooth movements we've come to expect from next gen titles. The mech's look severly polygon challenged (hexaonal turrets!). Therefore, based on the various deficiencies in this trailer it is clearly using material from an early build. So before we rip it to shreds Capcom deserves the chance to put up a more complete build.

I love the color scheme, contrast and clever use of blur. My favorite part of the trailer is where you can see the burping plant like thing through the trees.

Why dis3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Kills anything seen so far hahahaha and only in the alpha phase.

Animations? lol Good enough with 100 guys on screen with 100 foot tall beasts(on average) and MECHS running around with 4 player co-op, PS2 what? PS2 who? or PS3 for that matter

BlindMonkey3520d ago

It's got some big shoes to fill if i'm going to drop KZ2 multiplayer for this. Highly doubt it will since KZ2 has the best multiplayer for a fps i've ever seen and played :/

Anon19743520d ago

You know what gives me pause about this game? Lost Planet.
Tried the demo. Looked pretty. Boring game to me, and the temperature thing was just a timed mission gimmick. What's with Capcom and timed missions? That was part of the reason I hated Dead Rising. I guess Lost Planet sold fairly well so the sequel was inevitable but I'll probably take a pass on this one as well. Too many games on my plate.

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nice_cuppa3521d ago

I'm curious how the new engine runs and what its capable of !

OmarJA3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Look at these butt hurts tards lol, this game is multiplatform bots get over it...rofl.

king dong3521d ago

i can imagine the last time you was close to a females genitals was when you was born!

get a life loser.

3520d ago
Deadman643520d ago

haha king dong laying down the law to it lol.

lord_of_balrogs3521d ago

This proves the naysayers wrong that Gears2 maxes out the 360. This game looks wayyyyy better than Gears2. I'll look forward to playing on my 360.

Heldrasil3520d ago

Although I want to agree with, I can't until I see this playing my console.

xhi43520d ago

and Killzone 2 is only using 65% of the PS3...........

I think you can figure out the rest!

Shadow Man3520d ago

are you gonna bring killzone to every article?

MrWeymes3520d ago

There seems to be a trend on this website. Hype an exclusive until the release date and then bring it up casually afterwards.

I'm looking forward to so many games right now that I can't spend time with being bias.

LazyDevs3520d ago

Denial is awful isn't it........

MNicholas3520d ago

The 360 GPU has been maxed out for a while. Gears 2 maxed out the CPU as well (unlike Gears 1 which had poor CPU utilization).

Where this game can improve on the original is by better utilizing the CPU to stream higher res textures and improve animation, physics and AI. I am optimistic that they will do so.

In terms of how a small scale 3rd person shooter will look, Gears 2 is about as good looking as a 360 game will get.

Why dis3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

The guy above me is FULLOFSHIT just don't read this mess.

I don't know how he got all these bubbles I guess its because he knows more than the devs and ignores games that blow Gears out of the water like: Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, WarHound, Operation Flashpoint, Dungeon Hero, Splinter Cell etc.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3520d ago

I love having all consoles because that way I can have the best of both worlds; I can get to play some multiplatform games with better anti-aliasing or resolution in one platform or the other, many times on the 360 but also sometimes on the PS3, and I also get to play each of the platforms most technically impressive games, and so far I think we can't deny the PS3 has shined very well in them (the exclusives department), unlike on the multiplatform games where 360 has shined a bit more; but again, I judge platforms by its exclusives since multiplatform games hardly take much advantage of a particular platform unless the platform has a very flexible architecture like the 360 (which is why I buy most multiplats on it, though not all of them). But again it's always funny to read fanboys' spin like the one above me as if one platform was negligible and the other was all-powerful. Check this out:

"Alan Wake,"


"Lost Planet 2,WarHound, Operation Flashpoint, Dungeon Hero, "

Multiplatform games?

"Splinter Cell etc. "

Again more vaporware.

Is that all you are looking forward to? Vaporware and multiplatform games? Conveniently now they blow out Gears 2 out of the water because saying otherwise would be admitting that 360 hasn't been able to keep up with PS3 exclusives. Not like it has, but it must be helping you sleep better to think other games have actually surpassed 360's showcase. What a sad individual.

Anyway, have fun with this:


Bucky Sligo3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Since when is a game bad only because it's multiplatform? you sound like the sad individual imo. And yes, Lost Planet 2 looks better than gears.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3520d ago

"Since when is a game bad only because it's multiplatform?"

When did I say "A game is bad only because it's multiplatform"? I never even said the games were bad. I just find it funny that Xbox 360 fanboys use Vaporware and multiplatform games to prove their point when the exact same games are running on competing platforms. Sure, you get more AA or whatever you want to think sometimes, but again to dismiss 360s easy architecture as an advantage would downplay Microsoft's software and hardware knowledge, just as downplaying Gears of War 2 is downplaying Epic. But I understand your need to have something to look forward to, guys.

The fact that you keep putting words in my mouth (or rather, strings in my fingers, to be strict) shows how desperate you are to prove someone wrong. Keep trying, your straw men don't work.

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Kamikaze1353520d ago

The first one sold horribly on the PS3....anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on this game. The first one was amazing.

colonel1793520d ago

It launched one year later, it was a horrible port and nobody cared for it by the time it was released

MrWeymes3520d ago

Regardless of the quality of the port, getting a game months after another console has had it is obviously going to kill the hype substantially.

Time exclusives are a very smart business move, because the first console that has it is likely to see the most copies. Games are hot when they first come out, but when you port them months later, there is so much more competition for sales.

As I've said before, if Star Ocean: The Last Hope is ported to the PS3 when White Knight Chronicles comes out, it's going to suffer due to competition.