Future Final Fantasy XI update to expand Fields of Valor, Moblin Maze Mongers

Square-Enix has informed Final Fantasy XI players that the next big content patch will be delivered in April, and players have much to look forward to. The Fields of Valor and Moblin Maze Mongers systems will be expanding, due to their warm reception at the hands of FFXI players.

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Gun_Senshi3610d ago

Economy Broken due to Gil Sellers.
Gil Sellers still on servers and not banned.
Its FFXI: Samurai's Domain. All other DPS suck compared to Samurai and Samurai can even off tank, solo SC, do best damage, do biggest spike damage, cheap compared to other classes. Ranger should be the best DPS. I used to waste 500k ammo per Exp group as ranger.

Le Idiotce3610d ago

Mnk is the nr1 melee damage dealer back then and probably still are.

Sam was one of the less favoured damage dealers back then just like dark knights.

I dont know what youre talking about. MNK > WAR > NIN > RNG > BLUE > SAM > DRK

Gun_Senshi3610d ago

YEars ago Ranger was Top DD and SAM was laughable. Nowdays its about TP Burning (You don't even do Skill Chains and MB) and spamming damage.

Reibooi3610d ago

Yeah alot of that isn't that true anymore. I have been on a break from the game recently but about a month ago when i was playing almost nothing you said is true.

While there are still gil sellers they have been mostly brought under control at least on the unicorn server and the ones you will see are manaburning trying to get back to lvl 75 and they more often then not get banned before they do this.

While the economy in the game was horrible it has been evening out alittle. There are still a few items and pieces of gear that cost ungodly amounts but they will come down in due time. It takes time for something like this to be fixed and it's slowly fixing itself.

As far as Samurai being the only good DPS you are extremely wrong in that. I have a level 75 samurai and am often asked to use one of my other Damage dealing jobs such as Monk or Blue mage. It is all situational. Also it's like no SAM is the only job that can somewhat tank a bit almost any good DD with NIN sub and a bit of evasion gear can easily tank for a short period of time. Monk even more so thanks to dodge.

NegativeCreep4273610d ago

I just wish that instead of Vaan as the main character, the story writers at SE focused more on Captain Basch or Balthier as the main character.

Gun_Senshi3610d ago

I quit playing it this Januray.

Best DPS by FAR is SAM. For HNMLS and Dynamises LS. SAM. SAM SAM SAM SAM and even more SAM