PlayStation 3 may be upstaged by PS2

"SAN FRANCISCO ( -- While media and gamer attention might be focused on the PlayStation 3, Sony (for now) has higher hopes for the nearly seven-year-old PlayStation 2 video game system.

Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, told the company has raised its sales projections for the older console this year. He stopped short of giving specific revised target numbers. The company previously had forecast shipping 13 million PS2s this year."

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sajj3164638d ago

Solidifies the PS2 as one of the most successfull (if not most successfull - which is arguable) consoles launched. The PS2 is a cash cow now and its later stage success is critical to offset losses by the PS3. I'll go off on a limb and say that Sony isn't jumping to do any PS3 price drops because of this offsetting profit by the PS2. They obviously have other divisions to offset costs ... but having your good ole PS2 helping things ... doesn't hurt.

gogators4638d ago

the most successful console, except for maybe the original NES. If it makes money and people aren't ready for a change over then kepp it going. Many people still don't have an HDTV. I'd rather re-buy a PS2 than a Wii.

quiddd4638d ago

this is a bad thing for

DukeLeto4638d ago

it splits developer attention. If the PS3 is going to succeed, they (Sony) need as many developers as possible making games for the PS3. But developers, seeing that more PS2s will be sold this year than PS3s, plus the ginormous install base of the PS2, plus the lower cost of development for the PS2, will be tempted to make games for the PS2 instead of the PS3. This won't matter for companies like EA and Ubisoft, but a lot of smaller developers can't afford to make their game for more than one or two sytems, and right now the PS2 makes the most sense in terms of potential profitability.

eclipsegryph4638d ago

There are a few possibilities in which this might be bad for Sony, but I don't see any of them having much of an effect.

One is that PS2 is now competing with PS3. Sony obviously wants to make money however it can, but I'm sure they would rather people buy their brand new system rather than a system that is over half a decade old.

Which segways into the second possible bad effect, in that if 13 million people are willing to purchase old technology, then the thought that the Wii is using pointless, outdated technology and can't directly compete with the obviously more powerful PS3 doesn't really won't hold much water. Now certainly people are buying the PS2 for the unprecedented game library avaliable, but if people are happy playing games that are on a console which is less powerful than the Wii, then that could be a problem for Sony and their marketing.

The third negative possibility connects with the first one in that Sony needs to move those PS3s, and it will be more difficult if they are competing with their own system. The PS2 might be making money for the company, but it is certainly not enough to offset the money lost currently on the PS3, and that cash flow has to change focus soon, from the PS2 to the PS3, or Sony will be seriously hurting - moreso than they already are.

kewlkat0074638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

People seem to think that if the PS2 is still selling well, and it is, that it does not hurt the PS3.

Imagine if a company makes a product thats suppose to have a 5 year life-cycle, and the 5 years come up. Now this product is now in competition with your new and vastly improved product. People are going to continue to have the, "if it aign't broke don't fix it attitude."

Not only that, this companies new product has favorable competition from 2 other companies, so they want to get this new product going so it can stay ahead, but people are not ready or willing to make the big jump because of whatever issues.(umm..pricing and others). It hurts the sale of this product within it's 5-6 year life cycle.

Now they have to EXTEND this new products Life-cycle an extra 5 years, so they HOPE, people still using the old product,(with price-cuts and time) will jump over. Ofcourse your competitors, with its formidable product has already CUT it's prices.

1.Will those users jump to the other competitors products?
2.Jump to the next version of the product the are using?

You can't forget Technology moves at a rapid pace and the other competitors will soon be out with the latest and greatest in technology within that 5-6 year life-cycle. Where will that first company be when X-mas rolls around and these new gadgets are being shown while they are still working with old and outdated technology.

This is still a business people. After 10 years of domination, they always said, its Sony's market share to loose and loose a lot of it they will. This all depends on them 2 Questions I posted above. From the looks of Round 2 by MS they are doing OK, and let's not forget the Wii. The PS2 will be great the next 2 years.

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