PSX Extreme: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Preview

The music genre has shot into the stratosphere this generation; franchises like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have swept the globe and generated millions of fans, many of whom hadn't picked up a video game since Super Mario Bros. over 20 years ago. So of course, it would make perfect sense to see such a popular genre branching off and embracing other categories of music. Activision is working on DJ Hero, and 7 Studios and the lesser known Genius Products will soon provide us with Scratch: The Ultimate DJ.

If you plan on picking this one up, you will be treated to a special custom peripheral, plus plenty of licensed tracks featuring such artists as Kanye West, Beastie Boys, and Mix Master Mike. Although the game's foundation will be familiar to loyal followers of either of the previous rock music franchises, the key difference centers on player freedom and customization.

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