ESRB lists StarFox 64 on Wii

Expectation of StarFox 64's - Lylat Wars in the UK - appearance on Virtual Console has been ramped up courtesy of

The website for the Entertainment Rating Software Board has a listing for the game for Wii.

StarFox 64 has been heavily rumoured for Virtual Console, and the listing on ESRB gives strong indication that those rumours are true.

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jpod4242d ago

nintendo probably tried to be all secretive and esrb ruined it.

grifter0244242d ago

HEHE true but this game does dominate... I mean it is awesome I still remember beating the game then someone said you didnt beat the game .. I was like what and I got to that hidden stage I guess you called it it was awesome... Gray fox looks badass with his shades on ... star wolf was pretty cool too "Your good buy Im better" brings back some fond memories this game and golden eye dang the good old days.