PS3 Exclusives Vs. Xbox 360 Exclusives writer Ryan Rigney responds to the recent article from's Ben Dutka asking about whether or not the PS3 has already won the exclusives battle. Hint: No. It hasn't.


The story has been updated to include a quote from a reasonable user.

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ape0073518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )




mgs 4

360 has hot over the top games

gears of war

alan wake

splinter cell convection


I prefare ps3 more,my preferance change with what a console give you at a certain period


RKRigney3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

All the games you listed were already on the list that THIS links to... but yeah I'm pretty sure the 360 has more highly-rated exclusives. And don't disagree unless you can add to the list of PS3 exclusives on this article.

Also, for the people asking about "where's this game or that game on the ps3 list," it's CLEARLY stated in the article that the ps3 exclusives list is just the one that posted. It would be improper for me to add to that list and say that psxextreme wrote it. That would be lying. But yes, there are several Ps3 exclusives that are not listed in the article. That is totally true. Never said it wasn't.

Hydrolex3518d ago

if you own both ur the WINNER !

but if you don't spend 24/7 on video games then PS3

ape0073518d ago

to all fanboys

360 fanboys

ps3 fanboys

look at the list,don't lie to yourself

both systems are amazing

RKRigney3518d ago

Ape007 has the ticket! Neither system sucks. ;)

umair_s513518d ago

The article still doesn't change the facts. We know which platform has better exclusives.

Le Idiotce3518d ago

everyone knows the gaming industry belongs to Sony and the Playstation brand.

2008 is PS3s.
2009 is in the bag too.

And oh boy, its not even a contest. Its a slaughter. Endless waves of Helghan's Triple A's.

InfectedDK3518d ago

This list is epic fail =D

II Necroplasm II3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

But if the Xbox platform was around since the mid 90's then I could say it would be more of a race for great exclusives and would not depend as much on 3rd party love.

Anon19743517d ago

I think the 360 had a good run, and for someone who hasn't experienced it yet it's worth checking out, but it's game over for me. I went over a year without buying a single 360 exclusive since Halo 3 came out. I picked up Gears 2 and Fable 2, and both were great...but now I'm done. Looking at what's on the horizon on the 360 so far it looks like Alan Wake will be the next game I pick up, and then it'll probably be a year again between Gears/Fable and Alan Wake.

Now I'm not saying nothing else is coming out for the 360, there's just nothing else that I personally want to play. Compared to the PS3, I've got a stack of games still waiting to be played with no time to play them - I just picked up KZ2 on Friday and there will probably be 5-6 more exclusives (not even counting multiplats which are better on the PS3 for no other reason than the damn thing's at least reliable) before year end. If I wasn't $900 into my 360 right now with controllers, wi-fi, charge kits, extended warranties, 2 years of xbl, etc..the blasted thing would have been up for sale on ebay last year some time.

PooEgg3517d ago

The psxextreme article was obviously written by a fanboy, which makes sense since it was a psxextreme article. This one is better, because this one tells it like it is, but I notice that all the fanboys are having a hard time handling the truth that both systems have good games. The problem with being a fanboy is that you are only able to play one single system (due to your unwavering loyalty) and makes you ignorant to all the good games that your rival system has. Personally, I am going to listen to the real gamers, the ones who play games not systems, over the bias fanboys. Both systems have great games and anyone too foolish to understand that is only missing out.

Alucard_4203517d ago

another sry excuse from a Xbo ts fan, sry to break ur bubble but atm fanboy war actualy is starting to die down, you know why, cuz everyone knows PS3 and Xbox 360 is here to stay for good, now let gamers review what they think cuz they are gamers not fanboys

jlemdon3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Project Gotham series, Dead or Alive 4,Ninja Blade, & Dead Rising.

N+ I thought it meant Ninety nine nights.

LoVeRSaMa3517d ago

N+ - I have this on my PSP.
Left 4 Dead - I have this on my PC.
Portal: Still Alive - I have this on my PC (and played with the portal gun on Garrys mod about a year before this game was released...)

You can see the point I am getting at, the main thing is though if we cut it down to AAA exclusives we know who wins, and I think thats what the other Artical was getting at.

Both have good Exclusives but at the moment the Best AAA exclusive live on the PlayStation.

If you disagree please explain why?

Ahmay3517d ago

the list should only stick to disc based games... shouldn't include flower for the ps3. psn NEW GEN. games should have its own list. same goes for the 360..

madpuppy3517d ago

like geoW, left4dead, portal, Geometry Wars,Rez HD, Castle Crashers,N+,braid (braid looks like it might be coming to the PSN)

the only PSN exclusives he has on the PS3 list is Wipeout HD and Flower.

If the writer wanted to be fair, He should have listed TRUE exclusives and more PSN downloadable games. you know, like Ratchet and Clank Future: quest for booty, magic ball, the downloadable eye toy games, all the pixeljunk games, 3 on 3 NHL Arcade,Linger in Shadows,Everyday Shooter,Noby Noby Boy,The Punisher: No Mercy,Fat Princess.
and that is just the short list.

The interesting thing about Playstation Exclusives it that they really are by definition "EXCLUSIVE". you need a PS3 to play them. unlike allot of 360 exclusives. heck,you don't even need a 360 console to play them!

ps3d03517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

They should of limited to exclusive that are already out cause we all no how a game can be announced as exclusive then go multi plat. The list is full of mistakes too. They listed GT5P a demo counts as an exclusive game now ? Plus the 360 list is extremely short they didnt have Kameo and ME on the lidt 2 of the best games on the 360

The Lazy One3517d ago

this comment section is dumb. The article was saying that the console exclusives were good on both consoles in a response to an article saying one console was better.

Apparently not having a sony bias makes you a fanboy now.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3517d ago

Ok first of all it's exclusives, not "exlusives". Second, this idiot is counting Ridge Racer 6 for 360 but not RR7 for PS3, how about some consistency? He also counts DLC as if it was a full game. Are people that desperate to found reasons to say which is better? Where are SOCOM and Ninja Gaiden Black on the PS3 list?

Also, that guy is significantly inflating the 360 list. For example, why are flops like Culdcept Saga on the 360 list? Maybe he should include Too Human and Infinite Undiscovery to inflate it more, while at the same time not include Lair or Haze on PS3 (because they're flops, right?). And if downloadables are being added then why isn't Noby Noby Boy on the PS3 list but Pac Man championship edition is on 360? That's hilarious.

Also, as far as unreleased games go, you have Alan Wake on 360 but I see no mention of Quantum Theory on the PS3 list. Hell to make the PS3 look even worse he should add first year filler titles like the first Full Auto, Prey, the first GRAW, the first Condemned Criminal Origins and Chromehounds because everyone knows people are still considering those games in their must buy lists once they get a 360. Nevermind PS2/PS3 compatibility in some titles, all that matters is making 360 look good and PS3 look bad. Or worse, it's all about coming off as ignorant!

The Lazy One3517d ago

if you'd bothered to read the article and not just the lists, you'd have seen this:

"Below is the original list posted by psxextreme, and below that is my own list of games. In case you were wondering, there are 24 games in the PS3 list, and 30 in my 360 list. Enjoy, Ben!"

he didn't write the PS3's list. PSextreme wrote it in an article about PS3 exclusives. You can yell at them if you'd like, but I'd doubt you would.

edgeofblade3517d ago

Good god. You people only see what you want to see. They are both wildly great platforms. Why can't you admit that? You can buy either console and have a ball with what they offer. Or... heaven forbid... you could get both, set them next to your wife/girlfirend/kid's Wii and say "ok, Wii, this is the way you do games" while you sit on your Wii balance board and rip a mighty fart.

The time for console fanboyism is at an end. If we can't come together as gamers and put this petty bullsh*t aside, Nintendo is going to run away with the generation and screw away everything that makes hardcore gaming what it is. Nintendo is a brain sucking leech that's converting the majority of the population into mindless waggling morons, and we can't stop b*tching about exclusives.

Wake up. Your hobby is changing right under your nose and you are doing NOTHING to stop it.

Alvadr3517d ago

360 Wins with Pac-Man championship edition hurah.

madpuppy3516d ago

True that the HE used the PSextreme list but, then HE proceeded to create a list with non-exclusive "exclusives" and XBL games to pad His list. to be honest He should have created His own list of every TRUE exclusive game that was or is or will be released for both systems and then let the reader decide what was a better list.
after all, it impossible to "decide" what everybody is going to choose as their preferred games on each list. I may very well feel that only four games on the 360/XBL list are good and the rest are OK and maybe 5 games on the PS3/PSN list are good. you cannot account for personal preference.

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Hydrolex3518d ago

360 only has

Gears of War series
Fable 2
Forza series
Ninja gaiden

LOL that's the real 360 list, What tha hell is N+ and ... LMAO nice try

RKRigney3518d ago

N+ is a fun game. Thus, it made the list.

TheHater3518d ago

N+ is also on the PSP and Nintendo DS

RKRigney3518d ago

I'm aware. Those are totally different versions with different developers though.

umair_s513518d ago

Since when has a DLC become a full game?

Awookie3518d ago

I don't even get why people are categorizing L4D as a 360 exclusive its a game id rather play for the pc and will probably miss out on updates like Team fortress

Snatcher3518d ago

Games that are exclusive: Halo 3, Fable 2, Gears of War 1 & 2, Forza MotorSport 2 & 3, Project Gotham Racing 3 & 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Perfect Dark Zero, Naruto: Broken Bond, Dead Rising, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Crackdown, Viva Pinata, Halo Wars, Halo: Recon, Alan Wake and Dead Or Alive 4.

Games that are not on PS3, but 360 and PC: Mass Effect, Condemned 1, Left4Dead, Call of Duty 2, Ghost Recon Warfighter, Prey and Rainbow Six Vegas.

Arcade games: Braid, Geometry Wars 1 & 2, Portal: Still Alive, Rez HD, Castlevania: Symphony of the night, Soul Calibur, Doom, Ikaruga and Castle Crashers.

+ all the multiplatforms and DLC.
The Xbox 360 has games.

caladbolg7773518d ago

-I don't even get why people are categorizing L4D as a 360 exclusive-
Agreed. I'm a religious L4D(PC) player. IMO if you're not playing Left4Dead on your PC, then you're playing it on the wrong platform.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3517d ago

The link doesn't work for me but how is Left 4 Dead an exclusive if I can get it on the PC? Same thing will the MLB: The Show Series it isn't a real exclusive if I can get it on another platform.

theEnemy3517d ago

So he added lots of XBLA Games and not PSN games like Pixel Junk, Stardust, etc.?


edgeofblade3517d ago

Don't you dare come down on N+. PSN would be DAMNED lucky to have it.

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Harry1903518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

should download the Locoroco 2 MuiMui theme from the PS Store. It is hilarious.

Also, since when has GRAW 2 been a 360 exclusive?

Harry1903518d ago

The sound that it makes is actually what makes all its charm. Every Locoroco fan will recognize the famous MuiMui language.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3518d ago

PS3 Exclusives Vs. Xbox 360 DLC Exclusives


TheHater3518d ago

of Killzone 2 online today. Going to sleep and when I wake up tomorrow all I have to do is take care of some personal matters and get back on.

legendkilla3517d ago

that sounds alot like my life lately as well! I've been kicking ass and taking names in Killzone 2

OGharryjoysticks3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

It supposedly has some super neato rockin engine but it's top secret or something so I'm not surprised it wasn't listed here :)

Oh, and Cross Edge is supposedly a JRPG fans Vaseline, with all the different franchise characters from different publishers in one game it should almost count as more than one game.

mastiffchild3517d ago

R.E: Wardevil. It's still up in the air in the public mind as to if i8t's vapourware or not(like Huxley the info kind of dried up)BUT Digiguys promise us very soon we'll see both a new trailer and something else! They were advertising jobs for animators in January and not just for the animated feature they're making of the Wardevil saga but to "work across game and film platforms". So, I feel, we may still see it and those game engine trailers from way back, though lacking certain features as they're in progress shots, still make me excited for this game.
There's a minisite for the animation and the game news should be very soon as it's promised for Q1 2009(from statement dated 31st Dec 2008)so lets see shall we? My guess, wouldn't your's be, is at GDC for the news and then E3(like usual, that's where the other trailers popped up in 04 or 05 IIRC)for the trailer/gameplay. The other half, she loves the look of it(hoping for HD GOW in space!!!)which is why I looked into it but info is scarce and if anyone knows more pleeaase PM me!
Anyway, the PS3 has better exclusives in that they're(Sony) really involved with their 1st and 2nd party studios .Whereas MS chose to go with extra DLC and paying 3rd parties for known IP(mainly)exclusives/to go multiplat from Sony exclusive while cutting R&D by closing their own studios(mainly-maybe due to the diminishing returns from the likes of Rare, who knows in this climate?Does upset some people though, when they see cash spent on demo exclusivity(for one week in one case-though, in honesty the L&tD was a huge success) while MS lay people off elsewhere-that kind of thing). But, no doubt MS have greaqt, great exclusives themselves and Sony's are better only in someones opinion(and mine) and easily you could prefer MS's.
Live Com games and PSN(and even WiiWare) are leading in innovation but Sony do put more into risks(like Home and pushing GG so far etc)than MS-which is evidenced by MS bringi9ng out aping games like Lipz(singstar etc, or copying the successful Ninty Mii concept with Avatars on NXE etc.
Just different models for business and both Sony and MS are trying in some ways to get at that casual market Wii caught by developing things like the EYEpet(sony) and MS have even stated this is one of their aims. Should we be worried, than, that our great exclusives will becvo9me less frequent if Sony develop casual games and MS buy the best of the rest of them? It could happen, which makes me hope games like Sega's Madworld and Conduit sell well on Wii showing that casual isn't the holy grail that MS and Sony sometimes say they feel it might be.
If MS and Sony keep forcing KZ2s, Uncharteds and Gears standard games out though I'm sure even the staunchest fanboy will admit the competition is a very great thing(and, really, the Nintendo made Wii exclusives are usually really good(Zelda, Mario SMG, Metroid 3)while the Sega games mentioned plus Muramasa, Fatal Frame 4 and Monster Hunter3 et al show even the third party Wii exclusives are now coming!)!