No PSP2 till 2011?


The recent news about the 2009 PSP lineup raises up one question…"Is the PSP2 not to be released till 2011?"

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Harry1903517d ago

if it does not use physical media for games.

sinncross3517d ago

2011 is a good release date.. maybe even 2010.
Too many PSP1 titles being announced as of late for sony to be having the PSP2 out any sooner

XGRaViSmOrSX3516d ago

yea i think sony is gonna pull a psp 1.5 ala DSi to reboot the platform a bit for those who still have psp-1000's or those who havent bought one yet.

this will allow them to cut some features and add others while still using the same tech in terms of game development.

at that point there would be no denying the strength of the psp brand and would allow them to drop a new psp2 in 2010/11

RussDeBuss3516d ago

psp is only just about to turn 4 years old, i think they will want it to be 5 or 6 yrs old b4 they release psp2

they may bring out a version with Go! and camera built in, but will still be psp 1, using umd and have only 1 analouge.

i think psp2 will have 2 analogues
no umd
use some form of flash cards
have some built in flash for game downloads
built in camera
touch screen -maybe

DeadlyFire3516d ago

I still say 2010. Only E3 2009 will reveal the true date. If PSP 2 is there or mentioned there then its likely to have 2010 release if not then its likely to have 2011 release.

f7897903516d ago

I want the PSP2 NOW! Dont make me gut my ps2 and throw an LCD on it because I will this summer if you dont give me good news.

DJ3516d ago

My handheld's suddenly getting a lot more love, and i don't want to upgrade it anytime soon.

celldomceen13516d ago

you know what my psp is getting more love now too. I dont know why but i suddenly have found myself playing it more and more in between playing my consoles.

dylandurden3516d ago

2011 for the PSP2 and 2012 for the PS4

Theoneneo813516d ago

we wont see the ps4 till at least 2015 id say

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