Killzone 2 Review (TGS)

Living up to Hype. "Killzone 2 is finally here. The almost four year wait since the infamous 2005 E3 footage is over. Gamers and critics alike may now see for themselves how close Guerilla came to the incredibly high standard its pre-rendered debut video set. Arguably the most hyped exclusive on any system since the launch of the PS3, Killzone has faced more pressure, and critical analysis, than almost any game before. Does Killzone 2 live up to the scrutiny of the gaming public and the hopes of Sony players everywhere?"

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Elven63523d ago

Pretty good review, I for one am going to give it a go as many others are.

gameplayingfool3523d ago

The guy was honest. Killzone isn't refining the genre, but it does raise the bar. Made me think i will pick it up after all. Thought i was all shootered out, but I guess i have room for one more. ;)

Elven63523d ago

It definitely raises the bar for console graphics thats for sure, from the videos I have seen it reminds me a bit of GRAW when you set the options to first person view. Of course GRAW really wasn't built with first person cover and such in mind.

Traveler3523d ago

It's always about evolution. What FPS on consoles in the past few years has truly revolutionized the genre? The answer: none. They have only introduced incremental improvements, which is fine since it is very unlikely that the fundamentals of the genre can be changed very much without turning it into something entirely different (i.e. it would no longer be a shooter).

Now, after having played the game myself quite extensively, I can say that Killzone 2 most definitely introduces some new elements. It is evolving the genre and our expectations of what to expect in a shooter, the same as any of the great shooters of the past few years have done.

Traveler3523d ago

"Does Killzone 2 live up to the scrutiny of the gaming public and the hopes of Sony players everywhere?"

Oh, yes, yes it does. It's awesome. Best online I have ever played, outstanding campaign, and the best graphics ever seen on consoles.

Crazywhitie3523d ago

the online is fun, the movement takes a little time, My only problems with this game is, If you are not going to be a Hardcore Killzone 2 online player I'd hold off on buying this new... maybe wait until you can get it Used.. The rank system in this game is one sided.. If you don't put in the time you wont get the good jobs, extras... When I started playing again today, I noticed alot of people had already got the mounted guns, extra Grenades, stronger weapons, better jobs... for the Causal gamer you will always fell like your one step behind... All Jobs should have been unlocked from the get go...

gameplayingfool3523d ago

To paraphrase, Guerrilla didn't reinvent the wheel, but they are doing things better than ever before in the genre and have raised the expectations of the first person shooter audience.

Aceluffy3522d ago

This is the kind of review that we need, pointing out the strong and weak point ever so punctual. Maybe even GG guys/gals can take note from this one. How awesome is it if you run and bump into a Helghan and both of you wobble a little bit before asuming ready to fire position ? And maybe GG can also improve the mouth animation to look better ( Take note from Heavenly Sword Dev ). There's always room for improvement, that's why I have no doubt whatsoever that the next Killzone or any game that GG sprouts will definitely look and play better, or maybe, just a wishfull thinking...also longer ? Anyway, back to my KZ2