Capcom on sales of Okami, Zack & Wiki

Capcom's Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson has further commented on the sales of Okami and Zack & Wiki.

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Lucreto3517d ago

I want Okami on the PS3. Looking at Prince of Persia it would look epic.

IdleLeeSiuLung3516d ago

I supported both those games on the Wii.

yog-sothot3516d ago


before I played Okami, I thought it was overrated, that it just had original graphics... then I played the game and I understood that I had a pure masterpiece in my hands.

Clover was an awesome developer, I hope PlatinumGames will keep the same quality level

Cheeseknight283516d ago

This news is about 2 weeks old.

Capcom on sales of Okami, Zack & Wiki
"February 15th, 2009"

barakiu3516d ago

actually it's about a month old to the day.

hatchimatchi3516d ago

and i rented okami. i think i wouldve liked okami better on the ps2, i didnt like the motion controls and for zack and wiki, i really liked it for about 2 hours but after that i got bored with it. I do love the artistic design they took with it. Its a fun game but i just didnt care to keep playing it. I was thinking it was gonna be more like the old lucas arts point and click games for the pc. (sam and max, willy beamish) man that woulda been so cool...

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