Gaming Age: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned Review

Gaming Age writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV came and went. It was the hurricane event of the gaming year for many, and left a dent in exactly what and how much an open-world game can accomplish in both its depth and intricacy. On top of it all, Rockstar North penned another well-told story with Niko Bellic's coming to America, refining a talent for crafting top-notch crime drama into a videogame, still without relying too heavily on cut-scenes to tell the full tale. And now after nearly a year we're back at the gates of Liberty City. Only this time we haven't come to America to find a new life, we're stepping into the middle of the road in order to reach out and choke the city back as hard as it's kicked around its own as Johnny Klebitz, the VP of a gang of bikers known as The Lost".

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