5 ways to speed up online gaming


"If there's one thing we hate about online gaming, its lag. We're tired of pulling a trigger in Call of Duty:World at War, and then watching the gun fire five seconds later. Likewise, we hate it when adrenaline-fueled matches in Halo 3 play out like slide-shows."

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MGOelite3546d ago

i think its more to do with the game, look at R2 60 players in a match and theres NEVER any lagg whatsoever and look at gears 2 10 people and it laggs a little bit, i know that having stuff like wired internet instead of wireless helps but i think its mostly to do with developers and what servers they use

Close_Second3546d ago they did in Resistance 2 but does not mean its not there. There is no getting past physical distances and differences in peoples internet connections.

I dare say most gamers in the US that play against other US gamers don't experience much lag however, put them in a game being hosted in Australia or New Zealand and lag will be there.

Jager3546d ago

Goes to show you never played R1 or R2... they showed you WHERE the servers where hosted in, and also what country the players are from... played alot of games back in R1's day with players from NZ, Japan, Europe... Our clan had a little from each country.

MGOelite3546d ago

hey as long as they disguise lagg i dont care as long as my enemies dont start jumping about all over the screen and my bullets dont lagg at all thats all i care abouy

Close_Second3546d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

The lobby for R1 was better than that for R2. For the one simple reason in that the R1 lobby showed you what your connection was like in relation to the host.

The R2 lobby was, well, undercooked as you could not search for locally hosted games. Sure you could list games being played but I want to do a search for all games being hosted by Kiwi or Australia gamers.

When I host US gamers they experience lag, when they host me I experience lag. You can't get around it especially with peer-to-peer multiplayer.

Oh yes, suggesting I have never played R1 or R2 is such a stupid assumption that maybe you should use your brain first.

Kushan3545d ago

Better netcode can help in online games, but they only work to hide the lag that's there, that's all. All the netcode in the world wont reduce a 200ms ping at all.

Resistance 2, I believe, is hosted on dedicated servers with great connections, which is the only way to actually get 60 players online. You can compare it to gears, but it's not really fair since gears uses a P2P system that relies on the host's connection. You don't ALWAYS get lag, though, get a host with a good connection and it'll be just as good as any other game, the only problem is a "good" connection for one person isn't necessarily a "good" connection for someone else. For example, an Australian host isn't going to be very good for American players, but his Australian friends will have a great time.

And please, don't start debating about P2P play versus Dedicated servers, both options have their pros and cons and neither is "better" than the other.

king dong3545d ago

region locked dedicated servers! i'm in the EU, i dont want to play against americans, aussies, kiwis, asians or anyone else that lives thousands of miles away because of the matter what connection tey are on or the server is being hosted on, the distances involved will create lag/latency problems.

now watch the droids all start disagreeing because the psnzzz roxzz and no one lags or bounces in the games.

Kushan3545d ago

King Dong: Unfortunately, that wouldn't be an ideal solution. They can't very well have dedicated servers in every region of the planet, at some point someone is going to miss out and have to connect to one further away than what would be ideal.
Then, you have the problem of the numbers playing. What happens if too many people in one region are trying to play the game? Would you rather be stuck in a queue or just connect to a server that is a bit further away? And then what about when that region goes to sleep, you've got a big fancy server not doing anything and essentially going to waste. That costs money.

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Kushan3545d ago

Nothing really special in this article, just some common sense:

Don't download crap while playing online
Use a wired connection (And if you can't use a wired connection, use a STRONG wireless one)
And erm....well that's about it, really. They also mention that Cable is faster than DSL, which is true however most people usually aren't lucky enough to have a choice in the matter. I, myself, am stuck on a DSL connection because the ONE Cable provider in my country sucks.

Baka-akaB3545d ago

What about people that dont fit your regional cuts king dong ??

I live in a Caraiban island , yet it's a EU land . I always play on US servers for a reason : it's right next to me unlike some Uk or french server . (also i prefer english versions of some games , but thats another matter)

I shouldnt be locked out because some idiot figured it would help lag . And the worst part is , you never know about that kind of measures until it's too late . Most of the time they dont reveal before hand that's it's gonna be restricted .
That sh*t happened with Tekken Dark resurrection as an example . Not only was it a technical pain , but it's utterly retarded to be suck with a portion of the world .. when the main concept behind online fighting game , is to fight the world .

Anyway outside of mmos , it mostly happens anyway with games that got crappy netcode , and still cant work properly even restricted .