Has the Nintendo Wii finally reached saturation point?


"The Wii has had an incredible run for the last two years, selling to all and sundry and making Nintendo a boatload of money. In that two year period, demand has always outstripped supply, with new stocks of the little white console disappearing as soon as they hit store shelves. Could that trend now be ending?

The almost unbelievable success of the Wii over the past couple of years has surprised most people, me included. Here is a console that is stuck in the last-gen in every way apart from its innovative control system. But that's all it's needed. People of all ages have wanted to buy into the dream of actually playing video games, using body and hand movements rather than the quite unnatural rigmarole associated with using a controller and learning what each button does."

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Chris3993521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

There really isn't any evidence to support this article other than someone's hearsay.

The only data that we can draw our conclusions from is the January NPD, where the Wii took the PS3 and Wii, bent them over it's knee and spanked them raw.

Formula for gaming journalism:

(Insert console name)
- logic
- facts
- conclusive data
+ wild assumptions
+ dramatic headlines
(Insert console name) is doomed/ failing/ soon to be recalled article.

I love ALL of my consoles: PS3, 360 and Wii (in a totally platonic way, of course :) ). Do we really need another Dreamcast? Would that actually benefit anyone by making the market more closed? Competition is healthy and the backbone of a consumer society.

@ below. I suppose there's a certain poetic beauty to that statement and I respect that. Every console get's shelved after a while, but what happened with the DC was pretty sudden. With the investment that I've made in gaming this gen, and with so many great franchises still to make an appearance, I wouldn't want any of my consoles to be discontinued.

Major_Tom3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I wouldn't mind having some of the best games ever and then letting my console of preference fade in to obscurity.

Anyway, there's no show of slowdown for Wii.

qface643521d ago

im shocked im not seeing articles claiming that the ds psp ps3 xbox 360 aren't in the same boat

who seriously expected it to sell out non stop for the rest of its life?
its still selling big and still raking in money

Gr813520d ago

Be more inclined to say the HD consoles have reached a saturation point. Sales are no where near the league of the Wii's and never have been.

hatchimatchi3520d ago

maybe then nintendo would get off their butts and make some games for their gaming fanbase, not the casuals. Nintendo has been extremely lazy this generation, wii motion plus should have already been a part of the wii when it launched and wii fit is pretty cool but theres no games worth getting for it. My wii has been sitting under my desk collecting dust for the past 5 months, and i got mine on launch day. The only thing i like about the wii right now is the VC

ChaoticStupid3520d ago

They've released more core games than casual games. They've also released core games faster on the Wii than any other console.
Sorry you havent turned yours on in 6 months. Guess that means you missed out in Guitar Hero,Wario Land, De Blob, Call of Duty, Shaun White, Tenchu, and House of the dead. Oh but its Nintendos fault you missed those games right?

fatstarr3520d ago

has the ps3 reached saturation? i dont see it outselling many thinggs

and the 360 in japan weeks when the one must have game didnt come out

stupid articles but quick path to success target the big dog and piggy back to the top

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The story is too old to be commented.