Shoot 'em up Mash up: Galaga vs. Geometry Wars

As a new feature, Gamer Limit is reaching out to the community to see which games are the "best" in their respective genre. Our new "Mash Up" feature showcases one retro and one modern game fighting for the crown. The first competition category is "shoot 'em ups": hit the jump for a look at both games, and instructions on how to vote!

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Fullish3518d ago

Geometry Wars, easily.

ThatArtGuy3518d ago

Ummmm... they're two totally different games. Not even comparable in my opinion. It's like comparing Robotron: 2084 with Satan's Hollow.

chrisjc3518d ago

Actually, they're both considered "shooters", and more specifically, "shoot 'em ups". Another aspect of this poll is to compare old with new games. Galaga is an "old-top down vertical shooter". Geometry Wars is a "dual stick, new, single screen genre" shooter.


YESSURR3518d ago

I love some Geometry Wars.

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