GTA 5 To Be PS3 Bound?

"There has been recent discussion of the exclusivity of Grand Theft Auto 5, regarding the statements Rockstar has made toward the Xbox 360. This is a two sided article formed by two different opinions on why Grand Theft Auto 5 will or will not be exclusive to the PS3."

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Lfmesquite5021d ago

what happen to the new PS3 exclusive from Rockstar that Sony talked about.

original seed5021d ago

written poorly and pure speculation.

lord_of_balrogs5021d ago

GTA4 sold more copies on the 360 then the PS3, ya it's defenetly going exclusive, that's like making Final Fantasy a 360 exclusive. The only way GTA5 would be a PS3 exclusive is if Sony pays a lot of money for it and Sony doesn't pay for exclusives.

5021d ago
chrisnick5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

first thing, sony pays for no exclusives,dlc or anything of the like.
second, the only way i think gta5 will be exclusive is if its effing huuugeee. all of the series' maps in one?...Epic. but more importantly won't fit on a single dvd. If those maps have the gorgeous detail of gta4, there's no way it will fit on one dvd disc. MS makes u pay for anything larger than 2 discs i believe and that's just too much money aside from developmental costs is too much, besides by the time that comes out the ps3 install base would easily be 30-50 mil (based on its 10 mil per year average) so if they sell 4-5 million copies they'll be able to live with that.

StephanieBBB5021d ago

If GTA 4 was on 2 DVD-9's I'm sure it would have had allot more content. Kinda stupid of rockstar not to take advantage of that.

Although disc swapping is kinda annoying but either that or a install disc and a play disc would do the trick.

IF GTA5 comes exclusive to the PS3 it's not the end of the world imo. How much more different can it be from GTA4? Other than bigger landscape and more vehicles of course. Same sh't different number.

ps3d05021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

there is no way rockstar would not make gta 5 multi plat it sold about 5.5 million on the ps3 and almost 7 million the 360. No way they are walking away from that kind of money.

Besides after gta4 was so god awful does anyone even care about gta games any more ?

SixTwoTwo5021d ago

OT I would be shocked if GTA V was a PS3 exclusive. Its one of those 3rd party franchises that is just too big to be exclusive.

vhero5021d ago

the fact is though they still had to nuke half there ideas for the game thanks to 360 storage limits. 360 and its damn storage limit ruins games FACT. It ruined GTA4's full potential and it will ruin GTA 5's if its an exclusive as its too damn small for a HD nex gen game of that magnitude. With blu ray and HDD you could have lots of islands and a lot more hours gameplay. Whereas with 360 you cant even rely on its HDD as some 360's don't come with 1. If only 360 made HDD mandatory the DVD space wouldn't be a problem..

caladbolg7775021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Red Dead Revolver 2. Although... the official RDR website shows Redemption as being multi-plat. If not RDR, then a new IP?


SixTwoTwo5021d ago

Its a brand new IP. I doubt we here any details anytime soon. Sony signed a deal with NCSoft around the same timeframe (E307) and we've yet to hear anything on that front as well.

Blaze9295021d ago

GTA saw more sales on the xbox 360...why would R* completely ditch the 360 after making more money on it and getting $50 mil from Microsoft.

japanese_dawn5021d ago

Last time all of us others checked PS3 was the bread making platfrom for Rockstar, so add a something bit called more powered house that is PS3 and a BD and you get yourself exclusive. I say fck the 360!

StephanieBBB5021d ago

As a developer what would you like to be remembered as?

A greedy company that bends over as soon as your superior told you to,


A amazing gang of artists that visonalized thier dreams and shared it amongst thier fans.

It might not be about the money anymore, they made ALOT on GTA4 alone and even more on the DLC.

ape0075021d ago

built it up on ps3,use blu-ray,cell processor

then port it to 360 no problems

this move will give the best sales and the best quality of the game :)

the point is to utilize ps3,that's it

who agrees?

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DominusRebellis5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Face it everyone, GTA is done! R* needs to move on because GTA4 showed everyone how limited they are in creativity. I have never been so disappointed with a game as I was with GTA4. After the 8th "chase him down and kill him" mission, I brought the sh!tty game back and bought something better.

GTA5 would be pointless unless they add something new and innovative like zombies or something stupid like that, other than that, they are done. Sorry R* move out and make way for some real PS3 game developers!

PS3istheshit5021d ago

cuz gta 4 was ok but id still ply gta san andreas over it anytime
i borroed it from my friend a couple weeks ago nd i couldnt put it down

until i got Killzone 2

but if gta 4 isnt an exclusive then its gonna suck
unless the new xbox comes out but i doubt microsoft will actually take time with making it
itll be another cheap piece of plastic while Sony will be just over 100 million ps3 systems sold

PimpHandHappy5021d ago

anyone that even thinks about this should shoot themselfs

evrfighter5021d ago

"As a developer what would you like to be remembered as?"

In this day and age? I sure as hell wouldn't give a damn about how I was remembered as long as long as I could keep up the payments on a nice new house and a nice car or two.

I'm sure most of R* dev's probably feel the same.

soxfan20055021d ago

Interesting how PS3 fanboys say that Sony doesn't pay for exclusives. I guess Polyphony, Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, Konami, etc. make PS3 exclusives for free out of the goodness of their hearts.

AB19925021d ago

Sony owns Polyphony and Guerilla Games

Veneno5021d ago

"The reason I think this will happen is because Rockstar stated awhile back that they did not like the storage limit for their game. They wanted to keep it on one disc, but to do this; they had to sacrifice much"

Like fun.

Willio5021d ago

Although this article contained merely speculations as the named title hinted, the material of the subject fit the title. As a result, this "poorly written article" is still miles beyond hiphopcrap blogs.

Hydrolex5021d ago

You 360 Owners are poor Bast4rds that dont wanna work and buy a PS3 to enjoy a better Grand Theft Auto.

ur fuking console limits GTA !!!! Cant u spend 100 more bucks and get the TRUE Gaming System

!!!! Micro$oft is awesome at stealing !!!

somekindofmike5021d ago

Multiple Disks causes restrictions in a free roaming game like GTA, because the games don't really have a linear structure, you might find yourself swapping from disk one to disk two and then back to disk one, then to disk two again, you get the point.

Imagine the game is split into two islands, one island is on one disk, and the other is on another disk, and you have to swap when travelling from one to another.

To solve this problem you could stage the game so that you're only on island 1 to begin with, and then move to island 2 and can't move back, kinda GTA1 style. but this is when technology starts to dictate the gaming structure and narrative, and although this wouldn't be the end of the world, developers do like to work with as much technical freedom as possible and the DVD9 just doesn't provide this.

At the same time, I'd still be surprised to see GTA5 as a PS3 exclusive as money is a very big factor in all these decisions.

Also GTA3 was 3 games last gen, GTA4 is current Gen, GTA5 probably won't be until the next Xbox, PS4 generation.

TrueStoryGuy5020d ago

Rockstar has been bashing the 360 mainly because of it's disc space capacity, and this all happened just about when Sony announced a Rockstar PS3 exclusive title. The only real doubt that I have, is the DLC that the 360 got.

Now, I know that the DLC was paid for by Microsoft, but this also means that Rockstar has extra firsthand experience with the 360 by a whole year. If GTA5 was a PS3 exclusive, it'll be a pleasant surprise.

Shepherd 2145020d ago

no one complained about the original MGS having 2 discs, suddenly its a crisis now.

Danja5020d ago

MGS very linear game..on the PS1...that was over 10 years ago..

GTA4 open world game where u are free to do what ever u like...


how many games were on more than one disk on the original Xbox ?

now compare how many games are on 3 more disk on the 360 already...

Hoggy19835019d ago

I think N4G needs to review its "Gamer Zone". Especially when people are saying "f*ck the 360".

If theres a few PS3 owners who can have a decent debate I'm all ears.

My 2cents are. Rockstar will make more money by being on both platforms. There are loads of great games on the 360 which haven't been "held back" by the systems power. Looks a bit like Killzone 2 has made people think its still the era of the PS2. There are now 2 other consoles this generation, both with bigger install bases.

Just to placate the more rabid of you, I actually think the PS3 is a good system and hope to get one in the next few months. Anything to keep me off the N4G "comments" section

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InfectedDK5021d ago

I think GTA 5 will be exclusive to PS3.

Deadman645021d ago

does rockstar really want to miss out on a lot of money? Didnt GTA4 sell more copies on 360?

Bnet3435021d ago

It wouldn't make sense but if Sony ponies up the cash, it will be exclusive.

InfectedDK5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Correct. The exclusive dlc. for Xbox360 is gonna make up for that.
Also I think there is a possibility the next GTA will be made entirely for the PS3 because of the potential in it. Rockstar knows of the potential. Look at Killzone 2, Uncharted 2. The potential is big if they decide to make the game exclusive AND if they do and lets say it comes out in two years from now with superioer graphics to anything youve seen before wouldnt it make owners of the Wii and 360 buy a PS3? I think so! But it is pure speculation and nobody knows if they have the guts to make a superior GTA.

Eiffel5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

As much money as Rockstar made from the 360 version are you even serious with that statement?
I highly doubt it anyway because the 360 may become the predecessor as of next year.

And its already been announced no GTA 5 this year.

Edit: 4 disagrees...who let the fanboys out their cage?
Is it the word "predecessor"?
Meaning:"Something that has been succeeded by another" I'll try not to use difficult words next time.

ape0075021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

with gta 4 is to make to utilize the ps3 power and blu-ray

this is interview with sam houser in 2005(with all respect to him)

n4g's respected members,please watch it.ok

sony secure GTA 5 PLLZZZZ,IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST STEP IN THIS GEN,sony will garuntee 7 + million ps3 sold just for this game alone.SONY THINK ABOUT IT.THINK.THINK.THINKKKK,you know what gta means to us and specially me

don't let ms take the deal and optimise it for 360 pool without exceeding dvd 9

I respect Rockstar north or DMA design since their amazing classic body harvest on n64

Im a huge gta fan,I want it ps3 exclusive,don't get me wrong is 36- had blu-ray and ps3 had dvd9,I would say make it 360 exclusive


im sorry to write a lot in caps,I just love gta,it's one of my favorite games ever

somekindofmike5020d ago

@ InfectedDK

Say even if GTA5 was a PS3 exclusive it would never be graphically the most amazing game ever due to the nature of creating an open world game.

Compare GTA3 and the PS2 sequels to Gran Turismo on PS2, they just don't compare graphically! purely because Gran Turismo can specialise on creating a world built for high speed driving within a restricted area. Grand Theft Auto has to look good while driving slowly, driving fast, walking, shooting, running, swimming, flying, from great distances to really up close. This means compromises have to be made to make it work.

Not saying it won't look great, it just definitely won't be the prettiest game out.

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table5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

the scale and of the game could be massive and the graphics potentially incredible. microsoft may need to throw many more millions at Rockstar if they want to prevent this. It would be a shame if microsoft holds back this game.


exactly, i heard something that GTA5 will be an MMO, and the PS3 could handle that with awesome graphics, physics and gameplay. If Rockstar wanted to improve there Baby it would need to be exclusive, but these Xbox fanboys think it all about cash, you know developers want to make a great game as well and improve and add things, and money is involved but i rockstar is gonna do something great it would have to be only on playstation

Jamegohanssj55021d ago

You're joking right Mono? About the MMO thing?


Why dis5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

LOL PS3 has trouble with GTA4 the PS3 version of GTA4 is graphically inferior but whatever. lol

Speaking of being held back APB(MMO) looks better than GTA4 and APB does not have PS3's hardware in mind.

EDIT: Disagree? Saying RS can get a better product from the PS3 by itself when it can't even match its competition is ludicrous

Veneno5021d ago

The xbox version is clearly inferior. It is more jaggy, has tons of pop-in environments and textures, and is graphically inferior compared to ps3 becaause the ps3 version has HDR lighting and has more lighting effects. Just drive a car in the sunlight in each version and you will see that the cars in the ps3 version have more reflections and lighting effects. But the game was a let down anyway so Rockstar should just keep it multi-plat because people will buy it anyway.

Argento-Nox5021d ago

@3.3 Why Dis

Did you happen to miss the article where Sam Houser said that dvd was not enough for what RS want to do with GTA5? Unless 360 will allow multiple disc for GTA5, it could be a PS3 exclusive due to the space issue.

360 fanboys might want to check into the attach rate that their using as the new status quo for games like SO4 and Yazuka 3 now, maybe they'll note that the attach rate for GTA4 is better on the PS3 before they mouth off about the numbers sold.

Tiberium5019d ago

Haha good one. You'd have to be pretty stupid to buy both versions. Even if the 360 version has a few anti-aliasing issues, it still is the only console version to offer TRUE HD 720p. The ps3 version is at alower resolution natively and upscaled to 720p.
of course we've been over this already and fanboys can argue whatever.

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Unicron5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Exclusives are dying. There is no reason for a third party title to really be exclusive in this day and age. Games are too expensive to make. That includes everything from GTA5 to Lost Planet 2 to Final Fantasy XIII.

First party exclusives and the rare paid for deal are going to be the future as long as consoles are close in install base.

Argento-Nox5021d ago

If that was the case, making games like Infinite Undiscovery and SO4 exclusives on the 360 is a pretty stupid idea then. Guess GeOW and ME should just go multi-platform as well.

ZuperAmazingCooKie5020d ago

As for SO4 and Infinite Undiscovery, Unicron explicitly stated:

"...and the rare paid for deal..."

You don't read much, do you?

Sonyslave35021d ago

wtf yeah gta 5 is ps3 exclusive and gonna sale 3 million copies at max

DavidMacDougall5021d ago

By the time its out the PS3 will have its price cut if not two and will be right beside the 360

Le Idiotce5021d ago

Yes, when GTA4 came out, PS3 was at 10 million units worldwide.

They are now at 22 million units worldwide. OWNED!
Things have changed, xbot. The tables have turned. The 360 is done for. MS firing the XBOX division en masse. The 360 is still bleeding red. Bungie is gone and Halo OST is going to be their last Halo project. Halo wars have failed and Ensembles dont care because they are Robotnik now. Mass effect 2 is going to be multi platform. Gears of wars 2 was a big lie and unplayable and Uncharted dominates it. Maybe thats why Gears of wars 2 sales are so disappointing so far? Hahaha the 360 world is getting smaller and smaller.
Reality is catching up to you bots.

What you gonna do when reality comes for you. What you gonna do, what you gonna do, what you gonna do hahaha.

The reality is that PS3 has barely begun flexing its muscles. 2 years out, massive amount of triple As on the release list, massively improved online, pricecuts, Blu Ray, the 360 is shiatting in its pants right now.

War Perfected5020d ago (Edited 5020d ago )

Please do it Rockstar,don't let the inferior Xbox 360 hold you back from creating a real next-gen Grand Theft Auto game!!