MotorStorm (PS3) Review

Find out if Sony's newest franchise has legs or if simply falls short of classic status in ZTGD's full review of MotorStorm for the PlayStation 3.

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marshman4639d ago

And i love it.
Yeah the offline does fall a short of what i was hoping for but it will still give me countless hours of fun.
Online is extremly sweet and just a blast when you start bashing on others as try to school them.
I do wish that the staging area was a little more like RFOM tho.
but i think they can improve this in the future.

specialguest4639d ago

I've read enough reviews about Motor Storm and the main complaint is the lack of content, mainly the amount of gameplay modes. Only 2 modes, regular offline race and online race.

It's very odd that they didn't add any other racing options like the very standard time trail.

This is one of those games that handled and played like a 9, but everything else subtracted the score down to an 8.

Maldread4639d ago

Yeah that sound`s right on the money. Maybe they will add some more modes via the PSN, because i think the game needs it, by the sound of it.

techie4639d ago

Hm...well I think they wanted to get it as good as possible. But in an interview they said DC would be new tracks, cars and NEW MODES...

sajj3164639d ago

it is possible to add extra modes through DC (downloadable content) like Sony is doing for Resistence (new multiplayer modes). Def the best racer that PS3 has to offer and it makes me psyched knowing that next gen Wipeout is using this engine. I think this release of Motostorm establishes the base for future releases.

weekapaugh4639d ago

I picked this up yesterday and while it could have more features the core of the game (graphics, physics) is absolutely AAA.

MoonDust4639d ago

It's a 8.0 and down title. If they update it and add more feature then it might be a AAA title. It sure has AAA graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.