Pre-ordering Killzone 2 was totally useless

The Dutch PlayStation website was recently in discussion with the retailer Futurezone about pre-ordering Killzone 2. Futurezone claimed that it was totaly useless to pre-order Killzone 2.

Pre-orders are to make sure that you get a copy of the game on the day of the release. This was in the case of Killzone 2 unnecessary. Futurezone sells loads of copies of this game everyday but the shelves in the store are still completely full.

The discussion about the usefulness of pre-ordering is in full bloom on the site, but what do you guys think about this statement?

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Mr PS33518d ago

Got it a Day Early
It Was'nt

Rehabinum3518d ago

Pre-ordering is actualy useless. 90% of the time you can just walk into a shop and get your game on the day of the release. Its a myth created by retailers to lure you into buying the game at there store.

Nevertheless... I don't mind them luring me if they give some quality goodies with the pre-order! Otherwise I just go to the store of choice instead of pre-ordering.

jahcure3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

no one needs to preorder. I haven't preordered a game since Street fighter anniversary collection on PS2. LOL

Kamikaze1353518d ago

I only pre-order when I have a lot of extra money with me. I pay the whole thing off right then and there. Not to reserve my copy, but because I won't have to pay for it when I come pick it up. I also don't have to worry about not being able to afford it for some reason on release day.

rexor07173518d ago

If a game is popular, the store will have plenty of copies.

Bonsai12143518d ago

most times the bonuses aren't even worth it. ooh, a t-shirt. i don't really need another one..

i've bought multiple AAA games on release day without a preorder. they're unnecessary in my eyes.

Blaze9293518d ago

this is like my Gamestop i just walked in too, had a whole glass section full of Killzone 2 copies. Guess they thought itd be selling like hot cakes

Ryo-Hazuki3518d ago

preordering halo 3 is worhtless buy had plenty at the store.

DaTruth3518d ago

I didn't preorder Farcry2, but I still got the preorder bonus edition. But who cares, it's just Farcry2. That game is just a picture; No civilians(they always talk about them, but you don't see them in the whole game), hardly any animals(and they are always in the same place) and you never come across anyone you don't have to fight. They sacrificed a lot in that game to make pretty environments.

cryymoar3518d ago

if pre-ordering is useless, ask those that:
-are currently still searching for those street fighter gamepads
-were still trying to get Wii's after christmas 2007.
-were still trying to get DS lites after christmas 2008.
-thought they were overweight but ignorant enough not to pre-order Wii Fit when they were told it was gona sell FAST.
-couldn't find extra littlebigplanet copies after the infamous recalls.
just a hand full of situatuons where pre-orders would have been convenient.

you'll never know what's gona happen to a game before and after it releases. If you know you're gona buy a game, pre-order it from anywhere you can trust to get it from even if you "know" theres gona be extra copies, because you'll never know. reserve from anywhere, Gamestop, amazon, best buy, walmart, any little online retailer. You're gona spend the money anyway. And also, that way you're not one of those that are scrambling around trying to get what you want because of limited supplies

Also remember, some places ship only what they get reserved.

IdleLeeSiuLung3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

In addition, the Street Fighter sticks. TE version is going for $400 on ebay, when it was originally sold at $150 (MSRP). The PS3 LE of SF IV was at one point going for $130-160 on ebay.

I pre-ordered my copy from a Deep Discount and they went out of stock although they took my order around two weeks before the game is released. I'm yet to receive shipping notice. After that blunder, I'm going to pre-order more in the future and just cancel at GS. Also I will avoid, because how the heck do you run out of pre-orders and still take orders up til the release date. The whole point of pre-order is guaranteed copy!!!

However, I have almost never seen a regular edition (i.e. non collector's or limited edition) of any game go out of stock.

Raz3518d ago

I just walked into Blockbuster the day before it was released and asked them to hold a copy for me. Soo easy...and I didn't have to pay until I had it in my hands, either!


y0haN3518d ago

I got the game for £5 less than retail, 2 days early, without having to go to a store. It wasn't useless.

gaffyh3518d ago

I preordered from an online retailer, because it makes sense. That way I don't actually have to go to the store to get the game, and most of the time you manage to get the game slightly earlier (like with KZ2, it was delivered on Thursday).

robep33518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

......Done over net and arrived day before official launch, Metal Tin
Special Edition KZ2, was it worth it Yes, I didn't have to go to a shop to buy it!!! OH and only £32.99 INCL Delivery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anon19743518d ago

I had my copy pre-ordered at my local EBgames. By lunch time on Friday when I took a break from work, both my local HMV and Ebgames has sold out. If I hadn't been for the pre-order I would have been driving around the city looking for a copy instead of playing my copy. It's a fantastic game.

Now, 9 times out of 10 it probably doesn't matter no matter what game it is, but in cases like this it certainly didn't hurt.

jadenkorri3517d ago

preordering is not just to reserve a copy for you, by preording, the company can have proper stock, i guarantee if the store didn't preorder that store would run out of copies, and a potential customers would be looking somewhere else, meaning loss of profit, so if a company or employee comes out and says preordering was a waste, hes just not that bright.... These type of people should be dragged out into the woods, tied and left there. The store i bought killzone 2 had lots of copies, but had boxes of preorders behind the counter waiting for pickup... If they had not preordered, they most likely been out of stock by the time i got there.

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Lucas253518d ago

why is everybody always so negative towards sony and sony exclusive games. i don't understand

TOO PAWNED3518d ago

I think you answered your own question. Answer is "SONY". Many hate Playstation due to many reasons(at least for those kind of people).
For example i know that a lot of people hate Sony, because they put Sega out of hardware biz. Many loved sega, especially Dreamcast and consider that Sony fake hype "emotion engine" stuff with PS2 is what killed sales of Dreamcast and with that pushing SEga out of Hardware biz, forever.
Sony almost destroyed Nintendo, wii turned to be lucky 7, jack pot, last stand for them. because it was Nintendos last change to stay in console hardware industry due to major flops such as N64 and gamecube (finacially speaking).
I don't think gamers love MS but they hate Sony more than they love MS and that is enough to go towards MS side and hope that PS3 fails just so they can be "right" and be happy about it.
It is sad, because it shows how this industry is immature.

Hate towards PS3 and Sony won't stop until they bring them down. Is it this gen or next one we shall see but i don't think SOny will ever again be nr1 just because of lies and hate that is spread around the web.

jahcure3518d ago

I don't get your explanation and i don't mean it in a confrontational way. You said SONY almost put Nintendo out and killed exactly did they do that? They dropped a console just like everyone else and the CONSUMERS purchased their goods.

These same CONSUMERS opted not to purchase the dreamcast and fewer of the nintendo consoles. So don't you think you should be blaming the CONSUMERS for this?

Also the PS3, like it or not, is selling at a faster rate than the xbox 360, who can you blame for this? SOny?

OuterHaven3518d ago

Lol they are out to get KZ2, the trolls are active. Must mean KZ2 is really good.

terrandragon3518d ago

Kind of ironic that a PS website is saying something negative to a Sony exclusive.

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Rehabinum3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Lucas u did not read this post correctly. Its not about negativity towards Sony or Sony games (its posted on a PlayStation site) but about pre-ordering on its own!

The game flies out of shops as if it was a free game! But the shelves are still full, which means that retailers have enough supplies to maintain. In this case a pre-order is unnecessary!!

So once again, this is NOT about negativity against Sony of Sony games. Just about pre-ordering.

Gun_Senshi3518d ago

Where I Live its out of stock everywhere. A shop of my friend got 50 copies (Its a small shop, where I live is way different life style then other countries) and sold out in 10 minutes. You enter the biggest gaming shop in Malta and see Killzone 2 selling like hot cakes.

But, Pre-Ordering from example Gamespot and great establishments (That do not exsists where I live) is just useless. The will get more copies then the pre order. You can just walk to the store and buy it without pre ordering the same day. These establishments have a supply of thousands that take long before being out of stock