End of services for Original Xbox consoles for which the Warranty has expired

On March 2, 2009, service repairs for Original Xbox video game systems for which the Warranty has expired will no longer be available. Any other technical support, documents, and content, however, will continue to be available to all our customers. Although Microsoft is ending repair services for the Original Xbox, an upgrade program and support will be maintained for Original Xbox consoles that are still under Warranty.

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LoydX-mas3519d ago

Didn't they stop selling them over 3 years ago?

Kushan3519d ago

I'm sure a few stores had a couple of consoles lying in the back that someone may have bought. The Warranty IS from date of purchase, not date of manufacture.

Eiffel3519d ago

I remember this being posted a while back..not as a recent. But "on this day" kind of scenario.

ForROME3519d ago

XBOX Original 4LIFE, sigh: I will miss you

Fowack3518d ago

that in two days xbox 1 is dead to me.

Although i must agree many great times playing xbox especially one of my favorite games of all time halo 2.

Bnet3433519d ago

Damn, I threw two of mines out. One I erased the dashboard which put the console on auto loop and the other I played submarine with.