Vicious Engine envisions creative Wii FPS controls

Essentially, only the nunchuk is used for camera and movement. The top joystick moves and strafes your character, while left and right rotations trigger the accelerometer and rotate the characters perspective left and right and a forward / back roll with cause the camera to look down / up, respectively. In play testing the control scheme, using the accelerometer control to move the camera feels awkward, and the rotations seem to move in 15 degree spurts (as opposed to fluid movement).

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PS360WII4243d ago

Seems a bit strange to use the nunchuck as the camara control. Will be intresting to see how it works. Another part of the artical is true I don't see why devs are not tapping into the graphics for the Wii. We all know it can produce better graphics then they are putting out on it now but no one wants to. Ah well, I suppose they need to get controls down first then the next games will start being pimped out.