Update on Killzone 2 Issues

Seb Downie, the Producer over at Guerilla Games made an official update on some of Killzone 2's issues.

He talks about the removal of bots from online multiplayer rooms, statistics, the official site and issues in general.

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GrieverSoul3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Im glad to have such an active dev reporting this news about K2.

Its good to hear directly from the source what is being made to solve the issues that allows cheaters to boost their stats.

DominusRebellis3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

See unlike, Infinity Ward who abandon a game after it is released (for the ps3, anyways), the developers of K2 want this game to be a success and are treating the people who bought K2 like valued customers. By responding to quick issues like this, it shows that they truely are respectful and I wouldn gladly give my money to them! Unlike those money-hungry idiots at IW

Ghoul3517d ago

yeah i was a little disapointet since the server went online to see so many people only playing bodycount against bots. booooring and cheating

jaysquared3517d ago

LOL! Praising the quick update when that feature should've never been in there in the first place!

Awesome Possum3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

jaysquared The same can be said for gears of war 2 and every game usually has some problems.

andron3517d ago

GG tried to be nice and add bots to mp, but some cheating players made it a problem by padding their stats.

I mean it's a great idea to use bots to fill out mp, but when it's so easily abused it breaks the rankings...

meepmoopmeep3517d ago

so motherh is the Producer now?
congrats on the promotion, i always thought he was just the QA Manager

Nonsense 4 Gamers3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

But I did NOT use bots! it is way too easy to level-up in KillZone 2. I played MP for 16 hours straight but after about 12 I was general. I'll break it down:

Pretty quickly I unlock the medal that makes it so kills give you 1 more XP instead. I also unlocked a medal that gives you 1 more points for head shots. a huge amount of my kills are headshots so the all of my kills were 3 or 4 points instead of the usual 2 so I was basically earning double the points of everyone else.

I usually get around 15-20 in 1 round which is 65-80 XP but if you win you get a 1.5 point multiplier. I got around 100-120 XP every round and it takes 2,800 to reach max rank which means after about 25 wins you're already there! I play 15 minute Body Count rounds, it WAY easier to level-up owning in Body Count )TDM) than it is in the objective modes including Warzone.

I thought bots don't even give you XP. I played with them before I went online to get used to the map and after every round it said something like "You need to play with other people to earn XP and stats". I've been playing with real people and they accuse me of "Aim-Botting" LOL!

I don't have any of the class medal like Medic health packs and I can't combine any badges yet. Even if people did play against bot I wouldn't consider it cheating. Cheating is when you have a friend make a dummy account and kill him 100 times in 5 minutes.

I've played with other Generals that are terrible, they go like 3-15 LOLI Who cares if people have better gun but suck and can't get kills. The main gun I use in the ISA assault rifle since most of the unlockable guns kinda suck.

I have a legitimately earned General rank with almost 800 kills and a 3.8 K/D ratio. I better not get demoted! Demote the so called "cheaters' but don't demote me just because I'm General.

xwabbit3517d ago

No wonder!! i saw this guy who had 1000 something in total kills and 200 deaths i was like WTF! I know something was wrong LOL.... wth am i doing here! ima go back to kz2! xD

CrazzyMan3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It would be very NICE to not have those 1-3 sec loadings during some check points in single player. =)

IaMs123517d ago

Best bet would be, and still have fun, is Bots do not count for stats at all, not against or for. Only players can add, so then you can still fill a room with bots for fun but it wont help.

TrueStoryGuy3516d ago

It's nice to have Developer's that don't just completely abandon the game when it's released, much like what happened last generation with the PS2 and other systems. However, this also means that it'll take them longer to create Killzone 3.

Though, they can take a year and fix Killzone 2 and I'll still be happy. They'll probably release some nice DLC to help fuel their funds.

morganfell3516d ago

jaysquared seems to have conveniently forgotten or else chosen intentionally to ignore the silence of Epic regarding Gears 2 and the massive issues. Even when they did speak look how much time passed before anything was done to address the issue.

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Gun_Senshi3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I saw alot of servers of "Bots Easy XP" "Bots Level up" etc. I always joined Warzone servers. I prefer variety then just body count. Best thing about Killzone 2 Online is the action flow when changing modes and long match, not just a Team Death Match against bots.

Stat padders can keep their stats, like I care. Start Weapons (ISA Assault Rifles and Helghast one) are the most used, or the shotgun which is unlocked early on (Engineer Badge). Medic is the 1st badge you unlock and rarely anyone revives -_-''

Also, its very easy to level up in this game. I got Max Rank easy (Well I been playing only KZ2 online since 25th, Did offline for like an hour only) with my hard earned efforts (Well, After you learn the maps i'm finding it normal, just like Battlefield 2 was, I find this game very similar). Playing with friends online in squad is so fun, though there is no Party invite to be on same team. In fact Today one of my friends was always on the opposing team and he was insulting me for killing him over and over lol. (From what I read people against Bots just go one side and camp spawn area?)

Whats the use of stat padding? To go against real people and get owned? (Thinking of it, I did meet Max Rank people that they spray instead of bursting, don't know how to spot disgues from sabotage, and are total noobs). To get badage that you won't even know how to use? What about sadifaction? I been working my arse off to get Sniper Badage (My fav class in all FPS) and Sabotage (Spec-Ops, I love Sniper and Spec-Ops, BF2 style). I was so happy when I got them unlocked. I worked hard to get Revolver unlocked. I ran around with Disgues as Sabotage picking off unaware people with pistol for it. I clocked 21 hours online at the moment. I had it since 24th :D

My best sadifaction is when I got my 27 kill steak. I accidently fell off a bridge and ending up behind some clan members all together after each other in a tight area, I tossed 2 nades and sprayed like made with machine gun lol.

PS. Making an empty server, with only you gets full fast. Me and my mates made a Maltese server (Local), after 10 min it was full with germans, though we domniated chat with Maltese language :P

Now to go back get badges. I just got the Spot and Mark ability and Sniper zoom. Time to work to unlock C4.

@Below: Edit, I removed 1st comment coz I said something answered here. I thought it was 1.1, but after I saw its 16 MB I figured it was 1.11 not 1.1

Jager3517d ago

removal of bots from online multiplayer... players used them for stat stacking.

kazuma3517d ago

tbh the only thing that bothers me, is that i would like to install the game so that perhaps all the ingame loadings would be gone. that would be awesome

BaSeBaLlKiD7213517d ago

yeah same...

its kinda annoying with the random loading every minute or so... oh well but the gameplay makes up for it- GREAT GAME

andron3517d ago

Since it will be played online I too would like an optional install. If it was only 1-2 gig or something and speed up loading it would be great.

Maybe it can be patched in of enough people request it?

DJ3517d ago

Anytime a game has a big install, countless people start flaming it and the developers for "being lazy". It only makes sense that they would avoid doing anything past the current 52 Mb required by Killzone 2.

Yipee Bog3517d ago

damned if you don't. The loading times are minimal for me, almost unnoticed. I commend GG for putting so much effort into this game, especially w/ the website and all. All around great game

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PirateThom3517d ago

Why would you stat boost when the online is so much fun?

Is it purely for those trophies? If it is, I worry about some people.

StephanieBBB3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Im guessing it's because they want the high rank badges as fast as possible =)

I have the assault badge now(Only played on warzone servers) and it's very overpowered imo. First off the GL launcher pretty much clears a room by itself, after it's empty you pick up a shotgun and then your deadly as F'ck!

Use the adrenaline rush up to enemies and blow em to bits real up close while you have double health ^^ It's insane. Also when using the adrenaline rush it's almost as everyone else is in slowmotion so your aim gets increased in some strange way. Extremely cool.

When playing KZ2 SP you know that your like the "main hero" with a real "look" whiles't everyone else around you pretty much look the same except for your team mates. Thats pretty much how it feels with this badge online. Your F'ing heroic.

Gun_Senshi3517d ago

wait until sabotage. You go around and people don't even notice you XD.

Go into a room full of hostiles, place C4, go out...KABOOOM

Pootie Tang3517d ago

Yea i cannot understand ppl who cheat, what is the fun to spend countless hours pickin off bots just so u can then go into a regular game and think that your a good player

the worst MP leveling up ever was COD 3 and the idiots who tossed flags back and forth with the opposing team for HOURS and HOURS. extremely lame

OOG3517d ago

Man yeah that kinda makes me mad all the people who have been cheating with their stats to rank up faster etc to get the weapons and perks