New Star Wars: Force Unleashed Pics

LucasArts released new pictures from Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Star Wars: Force Unleashed is a next-generation PS3 and Xbox 360 game slated for release in November 2007.

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Torch4632d ago

or do the screenshots more resemble (albeit beautifully) hand-drawn concept art, rather than in-game?

I'd be stunned like never before if those are in-game.

Here's hoping. ;)

techie4632d ago

Hmmm they all look like handrawn...some of them clearly more than others. Would be great to have some more games that look like they are drawn (okami) because it's more artistically impressive, but I don't think this is the one, considering watching all of the engine demonstrations.

Dukester1014632d ago

i'm pretty sure it's concept are... just really good concept art!

never-the-less... i'm looking forward to DMM and Euphoria. even if Euphoria is toned down, DMM is gonna be awesome!

AI that can dodge, and react based upon what you do- random every time... omg!!

sajj3164632d ago

I believe these are in game screenshots as some of the screens show evidence of jaggies (slight).

kewlkat0074632d ago

I'm not a graphics whore, I'm sure this game will look great when it is complete. I'm more excited about the Game play then anything else.

Rasputin20114632d ago

I think the gameplay is going to steal the spotlight with this title not the graphics

ps...what are people going to get a "rise" about after next-gen graphics become "old news"

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