How To: Rip Blu-ray Discs

Included digital copies are still the exception rather than the norm in the Blu-ray world. Lame. You'd like to rip those discs for playback elsewhere, right? But there is something you should know first.

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riksweeney3517d ago

"7. Now you can choose how you want to convert the video. RipBot gives you presets for Apple TV, iPod or iPhone, PSP or a high-res file which can then be re-burned to a new BD disc. I chose the iPod/iPhone level."

So you wasted loads of time ripping an HD movie and then downgraded it to iPod resolution?

Epic fail.

badz1493517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

genius, right?

Bnet3433517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

How is that epic fail? You wouldn't want to watch the highest res possible on an iPod? Assuming your a person who travels alot with his/her iPod.

MNicholas3517d ago

which is why movie studios would love for DVD to die off tommorrow.

Bnet3433517d ago

Yup, that's true. Today, DVD's are easy to rip. But back when DVD came out, we had crappy dialup and no one really bothered DLing and ripping DVD's. So it's like BR today.

ShinMaster3517d ago

What's the point of watching the highest res possible if you're gonna do it on an iPod screen.

Ryudo3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

The Ipod and Iphone screen doesn't have many pixels in fact they have less pixels then a standard TV. HD basically is just a higher resolution display so there are 2 thing wrong with your logic.

1) Both a BluRay and normal DVD movie would look the same on an Ipod/Iphone. If not the normal DVD would look better because it wouldn't suffer from huge compression and be closer to its native resolution.

2) To see the effects of BluRay realistic you want a 26"/32" screen or even bigger would be better. Try seeing the effects of BluRay on a 3" screen if you can you have bloody good eye sight.

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DJ3517d ago

Oh My God!! Who the hell would want to go through all this?

socomnick3517d ago

yup the quality is good from bluray rips too.

Theoneneo813517d ago

and then you got half your hd filled with one movie good job this article is dumb

HarukoHex3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

actually not really, it wouldn't be any larger then 10-15GB for one 1080p movie. even with 5.1 surround sound on it.

Bnet3433517d ago

Half your HDD? For one BR rip? Damn speak for yourself kid, I'm rollin on 1 TB.

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1ikedamaster3517d ago

I'm going to post what someone else posted...

"Or just use AnyDVD-HD to rip to .ISO and download Virtual Clone Drive (free from slysoft) and mount the disc as if it were a real disc. No fuss over encoding or getting codecs to work. Note: This is a 1:1 copy so it will take a 30(+)GB of space per movie, but with this you have all the menus, subtitles, etc."

1 hour total.

thereapersson3517d ago

Pretty much the same effect, though. Slysoft is a reputable company.

Firstkn1ghT3517d ago

Crappy article. Their are easier ways to rip blurays and watch them on your ps3. It's easy as pie.

thereapersson3517d ago

Not that you would know, considering you don't own a PS3...

OSIRUSSS3517d ago

Rip Blurays for what? So I watch it on my comp? With My 17 inch Screen? No thanks. So now I have To buy a Bluray Burner and Disks and do all of this so I can watch Blurays on my TV? Yeah thats really smart.

zagibu3517d ago

Is archiving. What's more comfortable, an external 1TB drive with 30 - 50 rips on it, or a shelf full of discs?

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