Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360, PS3 sales creep up at retail

Advanced sales for Capcom Co.'s Resident Evil 5 for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 crept up this week at retailer

On Fri. the Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 standard SKU held a 32 percent increase to rank at No. 31 in Amazon's Video Games division.

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farhsa20083519d ago

I am not at all surprised, this is RE

Stu19813519d ago

Good news.

But hey, that's not gonna stop this turning into another "don't know why, the controls are crap" discussion.

marichuu3519d ago

don't know why, the controls are crap

soul-sama3519d ago

"Capcom this month said that more than 1.8 million Xbox Live members downloaded the RE5 demo."

and damn near half of them took their opinions straight to a forum, complaining: "This game is sh*t!!"

OGharryjoysticks3519d ago

Killzone 2 saved me some money

madmike3519d ago

then go play it this is a resident evil 5 post.

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