Sex in video games on the rise, parents are helpless

Gamer Limit writes: While the film industry seems to be granted a free pass to do whatever it likes, the games industry is held at the door and sanctioned time and again for poisoning the minds of the world's children. This time it's a combination of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and parents who are turning their attention to video game content.

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Dimly3615d ago

We could do with more of it.

Fullish3615d ago

think of the children!

Agent VX3615d ago

Of course we could do more with it.

Sex and video games is a great combination, fires up the old imagination.

Just like pornographic mags or DVD's, these types of games should be only bought by adults, and it is the parents that have to shelter or expose "Sex" to children in a mature and responsible manner.

Bring out the virtual porn.

Buttons3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Do you mean the children that shouldn't be allowed to play these types of games anyways?
I’m sure that these parents aren’t concerned about their adult offspring viewing sexual content in games, which means they must be referring to children under 18 years of age. Surely a poll telling us that 74% of parents (who obviously think sex is a terrible, terrible thing) are concerned about video game content is basically the equivalent of saying that 26% of parents are doing their job right.

It’s perfectly normal to be worried about the content of many things like films, books, television shows, music and games etc. It’s just that parents should be aware that games have certificates, just like movies, and these need to be respected and followed in much the same way. This is not a problem if you take an interest in what your child does in his or her spare time.
I'm glad they added this piece to the article. How exactly are parents helpless? They have the power to take away/prevent them from getting the games they don't want their kids to play!

Dimitri3615d ago

What about the children ? oO

What century do you people live in ??

People are allowed to make porn movies, why not do something similar for a game ??

If a kid wants to watch porn, he will go on his computer and go to a website with that kind of content without his parents permission.

StephanieBBB3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

If you keep your kid from drinking alchohol untill he's/she's 18-21 he will most surely become an alchoholic.

If you keep your kid from knowing about sex and saying it's a bad thing he/she will become more curious about it and want to find out what's so bad about it.

A naked polygonised woman can hardly make your kid a rapist. Just talk to your kid about these "grown up" things and make it sound natural. He/she won't be curious about it then and you can rest assure that he/she will probably talk to you about it before doing any of it because he/she feels that it's something that he/she won't be punished/exiled for, for bringing up.

simple psychology.

Buttons3615d ago

Simple psychology? More like fail psychology.

Fowack3615d ago

they teach it in school for gods sake. 85% of gamers arn't virgins (that was an exagerated guess) the rest are too young to be playing these games anyway.

rockleex3614d ago

viewing endless porn for hours on end.

How those kids were able to get a hold of dirty video games is beyond me. -_-"

FinalFantasyFanatic3614d ago

I just like that quote but I think it fits into a lot of situations to do with kids.

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buddyro3615d ago

why it was not included its ok to suck your moms Bre$# milk but to show a nipp%* that'.s a crime.

Fowack3615d ago

couldn't have said it better myself.

agentxricky3615d ago

It's a silly controversy.

Andrew Wiggin3615d ago

It's just the man trying to put us down

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