Tekken 6 - Lee vs Raven Gameplay Video

Another new gameplay video from Tekken 6. This time Lee fights against Raven. Enjoy.

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Blackcanary3520d ago

Has anyone asked or questioned why are they fight on top of a building. I understand its a tournament but come on on top of a building its just a bit odd.

At list in the Tekken Anime Movie the Tournament was held on a Island but in the games the fighting stages are so random and in the most random places.

muddygamesite3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Me too. I have a load of PS3 games sitting on my shelf, but because of my addiction for tekken, i tend to spend 95% of my time playing Tekken DR: online. If you wanna battle and taste my war fist please add me as "omegamaximus" (obviously without the quotation marks)

Cajun Chicken3520d ago

Its great that Tekken got back on its feet after Tag Team & Tekken 4. Tekken 5 was the best thing to happen to Tekken for a long time since Tekken 3. Tekken 6 looks like it'll be just as good!

Supercalifragili3520d ago

Nice music and background, unfortunately the fighters do always the same moves.

Gun_Senshi3520d ago

Tekken has way more moves and combos then Street Fighter -.-

socomnick3520d ago

:/ tekken is a button smasher, so it does tend to seem that they do the same moves. no skill involved just smash square square and ocasionally circle or x

boxydancer3520d ago

^^^ Anyone who thinks that Tekken can be played with the use of only one button has obviously never actually played a Tekken game.

Jink3520d ago

The differences between Tekken and Street Fighter:
1. Tekken has no chain combos, it only has link combos and juggles. SF has link, juggle, target, and chain combos.
2. SF is 2D, and Tekken is 3D. Evasion methods are different; in Tekken side stepping is more common than jumping or crouching for dodging attacks.
3. Tekken has no super moves, or special single moves that requires a specific charge bar. SF more than one bar for different purposes during fights.
4. SF has a lot complex to specific timed moves and combos. Tekken just has a few Just Frame commands moves but it has a lot more moves than SF. And most combos in Tekken takes average timing input.
5. Both games have short frame periods for buffering, but Tekken has slightly less.
6. Almost all Tekken commands consist from single directional input plus buttons to double taps and tap to neutral commands. SF have directional motions plus buttons and charge moves as commands.
7. Tekken has wall stun combos and wider variety of juggles, so one most play very careful to not get whiff or guard punished. In SF combos have more moderated damage, even the big ones.
8. Both games have a very consistent zoning game.
9. In SF there's meaty attack to stop waking opponents, in Tekken characters can get hit almost at anytime no matter were and how the are.
10. Fastest attack in SF are 3-4 frame for start up, and 8-10 frame start up in Tekken.
11. In SF, throws are 2-3 frame start up and can only be avoided by jumping or using jumping move. While in Tekken there's different throws command with different input for escaping them other than crouching or jumping, and they grab at 14-16 frame start up.
12. SF is played best 2 out of 3 rounds per match as default, while Tekken is play as 3 out of 5 because there's more damage overall.
13. In Tekken, normal and counter hit have very different results for follow ups than SF.
14. SF4 has Focus Attacks while Tekken6BR has Rage as in depth part of their gameplay.
15. Both games have wall jumps with some characters.

Bah, I got bore. But that's about it. Competitively playing, that's about it.

Both games are awesome. Its just a matter of what you are looking for as fighting entertainment or weather you can play the game and be good at it.

I play good at SF4, SC4, T5DR, MK2, GGXXAC, SC2, DOA2U, VF5. My PSN is JinkOfWar if anyone is up for a match.

Le Idiotce3520d ago

1) One Tekken has more moves, juggles, combos, and hidden moves and animation than all the SF series COMBINED.
2) Most Tekken moves are based on real life martial art moves and simply look stunning to watch in full 3D and give total satisfaction when performed right.
SF moves make no sense and are all fantasy based. Not to mention, Tekken moves are simply more flashy. Bling bling people.
3) Tekken has faster gameplay while SF has slower gameplay
4) Tekken doesnt have supermoves but Tekken has unblockable moves that are basically the same. You cant block, they take longer to charge and they dash a hell of damage. Basic rule is one unblockable per character. Some characters have 3 or 4 unblockables.
5) Tekken animation is vastly superior than Sf animation.
6) Tekken has more stages with and without walls and provide a higher variety of strategy.

Gun_Senshi3520d ago

lol SF is a button masher. all you need to win online is go akuma and spam ex fireballs then use raging demon

Jink3519d ago

For me as a competitive gamer Tekken more a combo based fighting game, and SF is more technical and you use more the universal basic more often than in Tekken. Tekken is mostly all about waiting for your opponent to whiff their attacks then you punish their whiff with the most damaging combo you can perform which usually takes away 75% or more of life bar of your opponent.
In Tekken there's nothing to store for performing any moves or combo, so pretty much you do whatever, whenever. SF is more tactical in this sense, you can't perform big stuffs if you don't got meter build for them. All the battle in SF has warming up feeling and strategy to them.
In Tekken you can out load kill anyone in the beginning of the match. I like Tekken in those senses, I love beating the hell out of my opponents for them making a simple mistake, but I can also endure having that done to me.
I like SF in their senses because it feels more, but way more professional and harder to play it. Most combos in SF consists on linking attacks using their sole frame advantage on hit, is like performing just frame commands for every input you do in a combo. The timing is precise also in dashes, in Tekken you dash attack with simplicity because anything in Tekken cancels a dash. But in SF you need to have timing for immediately attacking out of a dash, since they can not be canceled.
Tekken's unblockables can not be compared to SF's super moves, they are different rules. SF's supers requires meter build, while in Tekken unblockables can be use at anytime, they only got good and bad use.

Tekken and SF are both great games that have lasted for years with us gamer. I'd say fighting games are the best genre of games overall (period). But the main difference between them is that Tekken can be more fun to play that SF. But SF takes a lot more timing and skills to be played. And in both games scrubs can bother you sometimes, but in both games, the knowledge and skill you got surpasses those situations.
And that's really the important factor of playability, our developers have been looking for simplifying these games instead of making them more complex. Like NAMCO did with SC2 to SC3 and SC4 set back, SC2 was way more variable in controls and commands and almost every move had cancels, but they tuned down all of that for the game to have more players who before that, weren't able to play it at that level.
In Tekken the most complex thing to do with timing is performing any move that has more than one directional input to perform, after the recovery of a past move, they are simply not bufferable. That's the only timing factor on Tekken, and not all the moves used in combos have more than one directional command, making most if not all the combos easy to perform.

Both games are great, they are just different. (which is good)

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