Dutch gaming charts: Killzone 2 on top

PS3Hype writes:'Today the dutch gaming charts has been published. And it's no surprise, but Killzone 2 is on the top off the list. It tops Wii Fit and Mario Kart in the overall charts.'

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resistance1003615d ago

Where is Halo Wars on that list, that was released the same day as KZ2 over here.

HDDVD183615d ago

However expect KZ2 to sell atleast 1.5m across europe at launch

chewy3173615d ago

Visari nuked it off netherlands.

Counter_ACT3615d ago

Yeah I thought that too. Probably delayed for them.

HardcoreGamer3615d ago

halo wars is completely different game and they market it like its halo4, this is the problem even reviewers dont like rts at all but given it good reviews. do you realise all my friends and people i konw who are into rts are saying halo wars is NOTHING compared to the other rts out there. its only great for the fans of halo who are into rts as well. any new person to halo wars who dont know about halo would say . this is pretty but not a great rts

HDDVD183615d ago

KZ2 is a bigger name than halo in PAL region

plus with incredible gameplay and graphics the game will shatter records and tear other games too

KZ2 had 1.5m preorders in europe --highest for any game in that region
Hlao 4 would have met the same fate had it been released alongside kz2 in pal/eu

eu is sony's and gaming's biggest territory

samich20073615d ago

Killzone 2 was released on 24/25 of Feb in Holland.

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HDDVD183615d ago

in poland where ps3 has a 70k base it sold more then 30,000 copies in 2 days

360 man3615d ago

i just saw the stuff u wrote in the gamer zone and all i have to say is wow

i thought i was a fan boy untill i saw u

HDDVD183615d ago

KZ2 had a 1.5m preorder in europe
No x360 game even had a million preorder there

also halo 3 sold 4000 units at launch in Poland
so u can get an idea

I am simply stunned that you are shamelessly posting here after halo wars/race pro and star ocean 4 's floppery

360 man3615d ago

wat on earth are you even doin posting comments all day

shouldnt you be doin something else

like actually playin the damn game

LarVanian3615d ago

Should you not be playing Halo Wars right now? Or does it suck too much?

360 man3615d ago

im not into rts games

there is no way i was ever getting halo wars

caffman3615d ago


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el_bandito3615d ago

Was there ever any doubt?

HDDVD183615d ago

the game will shatter records
no doubt there

in USA ..we will wait and see

but at the end of the day WW sales matter
so if kz2 does 2.5m in eu and just 500k in us then it wont matter

HardcoreGamer3615d ago

it does bro because The americas need to get out of that master cheif helmet and shove it right up helghasts helmet

HDDVD183615d ago

i meant that global sales is all that matter to SONY and world

KZ2 will do 2.5m -3.5m at launch ww

HardcoreGamer3615d ago

its cool bro i clicked agree anyway, i mean as a joke that america is too xboxy they need to get out of that halo is all thing. long time ago i playeed halo and it was great but i played killzone more and played it online for about a year till battlefield2 came out as i recall

xlx-russ_923615d ago

KZ2 has a chance of beating Gears 2 sales. Gears Rules. But its online sux.

HDDVD183615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

halo was better than kz

but kz2 is way better than halo 3
eventually ps3 will win us too

no US is pro wii not x360 AT THE MOMENT

but just like Japan it is a matter of time before ps3 takes over
with Yakuza 3 expect ps3 to increase its HW sales by 300-400% for last week

also re5 will put ps3 above wii permanently in Japan


KZ2 will beat halo 3 by just its launch sales in europe. no question there . as for ww sales we will wait and see

caffman3615d ago

Popped up again then have we?

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