Street Fighter IV - Crimson Viper animated video

Capcom published a new animated video featuring Crimson Viper. Enjoy.

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brycespitler3614d ago

turkeys and monkeys never had sex with dolphins

what the hell is going on in romania

Supercalifragili3614d ago

Nice but it´s in japanese...bah.

Le Idiotce3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Tekken owns SF anytime of the day.

That said, they had a copy of SF on the 360 at my local gameshop today so I tried it out. Havent played SF for like 7-9 years now but I flexed my fighting instinct and lol and behold all the moves started coming back to me.

Unfortunately, the 360 pad sucks and I couldnt barely perform any move or control Ryu. When I pressed forward, the stupid pad register it as a forward jump somehow. And when I tried to spam hydokens, Ryu jumps around uncontrollably and I got pwned by Blanka.

The point is, fighting games dont work on 360.

I know dude! It was a sarcastic remark because Crimson Viper is a nobody character just as pathetic as Fuerte or whatever his name is. They have no appeal, no charisma, no playability, And to think someone made a short vid about these nobodies, is cracking me up here.

Mandaspt3614d ago

Crimson Viper it´s one of the playable characters from Street Fighter IV.