Eurogamer Portugal review : Halo Wars

Editor writes: "If you are fans of the series not even need to think twice, however, for fans of the genre could take it easy and less challenging. Putting in the balance your enthusiasm for this universe can easily raise the note one point, and simplicity of controls is also an added value, as well as cooperative and competitive online modes."

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Supercalifragili3520d ago

It´s an average game. It´s a game for 6 not 8.

HDDVD183520d ago

It is nowhere near Dawn of war 2 or any contemporary RTS
played the demo. was OK

Snatcher3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

But, you have no arguments for saying such a statement like that. Have you even played the game by yourself? I want to hear your arguments for saying such a statement, mister.

I demand to see some arguments for statements like that.

3520d ago
Gun_Senshi3520d ago

well duh

Empire: Total War is like x100 times better. lets compare scores.

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gravv3520d ago

yes please answer the duck!

the duck wants your answer mister....

Gun_Senshi3520d ago

the single player campain can be passed in about 4 hours only

tatotiburon3520d ago

and killzone 2 campaing in 5

JOLLY13520d ago

want to know how long the single player is for kz2 5 hours. Congrats... you get an extra hour