Star Wars: Force Unleashed delayed

Lightsaber-loving Star Wars fan looking forward to the impressive physics-based Star Wars: Force Unleashed will have longer to wait than expected.

Despite being officially confirmed for a November 2007 release, the game's website now deems the game's availability as "TBD", with it now expected to arrive in 2008.

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gogators4242d ago

out during the Halo 3 window. 360 releases will be sparse this November. Unless the genre is very different from Halo, I wouldn't want to compete against it.

BoneMagnus4242d ago

My fall was already booked pretty solid as it was...

Rasputin20114242d ago

Patiently wait for this game and I do agree with gogators games for the Xbox360 should not be released in November because the Halo3 craze is going to be out of this world.