Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is an Insult

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "From the opening credits to the end credits, it's quite obvious that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is a poorly directed and poorly written movie that only serves as a trap to get the money of fans of the series who are currently enjoying Street Fighter IV."

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MrWeymes3518d ago

Based on the lack of comments, it would appear that no one on N4G went to see this joke of a movie last night when it premiered. That was the smart thing to do.

I never imagined in a million years that this film was going to make the 1994 Street Fighter with Jean Claude look good, but it has succeeded in doing so. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li hurt my feelings. I felt like I had been rejected by my long sought after love as the credits rolled.

GWAVE3517d ago

Last night all the gamers on the site went out and played Killzone 2.

Tony P3517d ago

Played Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines for the first time last night.

100% sure I had a better time than movie goers.

ps3d03517d ago

Did anyone really think this movie was goin to be any good ? Come on the stories in fighting games are basically all the same(warriors from all over the world get invite to "insert name of gmae here" for the prize of _______) and they are all crap.

Only one I ever seen that was any good at all was Fatal Fury (animie btw) and the nothing in the plot really related to the game other then who the charaters were.

rockleex3517d ago

From the 80's-90's was WAY better, and intentionally funnier.

This movie sucked so much it was funny. Gen appears out of nowhere in every scene! >_<

rockleex3517d ago

Are setting higher standards for comic book movies.

While video game movies are setting new lows. -_-"

Darn you Kojima! Make MGS the movie! :D

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pwnsause3518d ago

see? I knew it was going to be the worse movie ever. Not only was the original MK movie better than this turd, but the fact that the Original SF movie (yea the one with Van Damme) was X100 better than this crap just makes things really sad.

Seriously Capcom, stop scamming your fanbase. either make a real SF movie or GTFO.

MrWeymes3518d ago

This movie was like willingly taking a kick to the gut from a guy wearing boots.

It makes the live action Mortal Kombat movies seem like the greatest films ever made. Everyone involved with this movie should be a little ashamed.

Sin-CityGamer3518d ago

... I just came home from watching this movie... Jeezzz... prolly the worst movie I've seen so far in 09'. The acting is so bad its funny. And the scenes are just dull and the fight choreography is down right horrible... but hey... at least I get to see Liu Kang... lol =)

MrWeymes3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Chris Klein was so terrible. So very terrible. I don't even understand it. Why the mention of Liu Kang? Is the actor that played him in this abomination?


Halo Wars looks like a good starter RTS for fans of the series.


Yeah, that's what I assumed. I thought he was awful in this movie, though. I wrote this semi-rant of an article. lol

Sin-CityGamer3518d ago

Yes, i mentioned Liu Kang coz the guy playing Gen also played Liu Kang in the MK movies... Robin Shou or whatever his name is I forgot... but man... even he didn't make this movie interesting...

MrWeymes3518d ago

This movie is comparable to neither of the games you two have mentioned. Both games have things about them that are good, whereas this movie fails to have any redeemable qualities.

StephanieBBB3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )


Don't give me that BS dude. If they would have taken out all the spartans from Halo Wars and named the game "Wars" instead, im 100% confident that it wouldn't sell half as good as it does. Pretty much like this movie here. If it was just a kungfu movie it wouldn't be seen as if it has some connection to the streetfighter franchise. Bottomline is, titles sell.


Oh, did I hurt your feelings?

No killzone 2 does not sell on it's title like Halo wars, mostly because Killzone 1 was a flop. If killzone was a successful trioligy and then some company used the name Killzone to make a RPG or RTS spin off just to play it safe and make people buy it(Mainly kids that might not know what they are getting thinking it's the same as before) then yeah, it would have been like Halo wars.

MrWeymes3518d ago

Yeah, Halo Wars wouldn't sell nearly as well if it weren't accociated with the Halo franchise, but that doesn't mean that it deserves to be compared to Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

The woman with the nicest pair of breasts could invite me to her room to watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and I would decline.

iceman29293518d ago

Maybe if you tookout the name Halo it would sell less, but the fact is the game is set in the Halo universe , the games plotline is set in the halo universe, so it kinda deserves to have the halo in its name. Plus from what i understand, the game's plotline is quite important if you wish to know what happend before master chief arrived. ( your argument could also be applied to the Halo books, ie. if it was just anoter set of sci-fi books, it wouldnt sell so well... and once again i would say that they are an important part in developing the back story in the halo universe! )

IdleLeeSiuLung3517d ago

What does this movie have to do with Halo Wars? Sounds like Sony fangirl looking for an excuse to bring up a way to rant about the 360.

terrandragon3517d ago

Killzone 1 wasn't in any way a flop.

Tony P3517d ago

Should I just report all this PS3/360 nonsense as extremely off-topic?

JD_Shadow3517d ago

"The woman with the nicest pair of breasts could invite me to her room to watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and I would decline."

I...wouldn't hold you to that since I know you would if she asked you...especially if you would be guaranteed something later for your torture...if you know what I mean.

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hay3518d ago

Somehow you guys have managed to cure me from interest in this movie :D
But I still wanna see it with my own eyes how really bad it is. ( I did the same for Disaster Movie, ugh... )

Sin-CityGamer3518d ago

Goodluck with that man... I suggest watching it during matinee periods so its cheaper (if such thing exists in where you live) so you dont have to waste a grip of mula for this retarded movie... Seriously... just go there for the laughs coz its really a comedy if you ask me...

MrWeymes3518d ago

I would suggest a matinee as well, or just wait for the DVD release. It's not even "so bad it's good" like the 1994 Street Fighter. Apart for Chris Klein, no one is hilarious. They're just acting poorly in a terrible film to begin with.

N4Flamers3517d ago

but as soon as I found out taboo from the black eyed peas was playing vega I lost all interest in this movie. I think the only thing they did right was cast michael clarke duncan as balrog (boxer) however the movie doesnt seem to treat the character right.

I saw an interview with the chick who plays chun li where they asked her if she knew about street fighter and her response was somewhere along the lines of no I have never played it and I did not want to play it, but the director knows all about it. if someone cant take the time to read the wikipedea for a role that she is playing, she doesn't deserve for me to take her seriously.

SlyGuy3517d ago

The only reason I clicked the link was to check out the Chun-Li pic...

...and no not the cartoon one.

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