Additional gametypes for Call of Duty: World at War's online mode

Call or Duty: World at War is for most Wiigamers so far one of the best shooters which has appeared on the Wii, because of the onlinemode, in which you can play with up to eight people. Today Treyarch updated this onlinemode with additional gametypes. Read more after the jump.

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Shnazzyone3518d ago

it's been there for about a week now. they are tough, intense modes too I'm just happy they had a good reason to knock down the leaderboards for the last month. I have been getting mighty sick of seeing "ratings disabled" for the last 4 or more weeks. I have also noticed... there seems to still be room for more modes. I wonder if we'll see more modes in the future. hopefully without being so detrimental to the online play for so long like last time.

jorgeanaya0003518d ago

Why were the leaderboards disabled for so long, because I noticed that too.

addnewman3518d ago

i agree i was so annoyed with seeing ratings disabled all the time, i think that if cod modern warfare 2 doesnt come out on wii they will add more game modes to compensate so the wii owners get something

SinnedNogara3518d ago

Agree with shannzyone and addnewman.

They should release Modern Warfare 2 on the Wii (and make the game look as good as The Conduit, I might add). It makes sense to not have that gap. According to VG Chartz, the game sold 800,000 thousand units on the Wii. They just need to keep all the features.

mastiffchild3517d ago

IW won't do squat for the Wii so don't think we'll see MW2 on the little console for one minute-not from them.
Only chance is if they bring in a team from Activision to work alongside the PS360PC guys to do a Wii game but , after last time, I can't see it.
Though, seeing as the DS got a COD4 I guess there's some hope even if that ws the weakest port of any game ever.

addnewman3518d ago

bubbles for you :) i agree completely but honestly i would give up graphics if it could get all the game modes the 360 and ps3 get because even though i find cod on wii so much more fun than on other consoles, the lack of game modes limits the fun but having graphics like the conduit would be amazing but like infinity ward said they dont care about the wii but seeing as the cod4 engine was used in it, hopefully they will

Louievillesluggns3518d ago

if they find away to add wiispeak through a update I will go buy it that d... thing "i get sick of my teamates walking on betties after I just step back from it" drives me nutts "anybody want to play me give a holla