Has The PS3 Already Won The Exclusive Battle?

Early in this generation, those who disliked Sony and had little to no faith in the PlayStation 3, derided the company for losing third-party exclusives. Along with complaints of an exorbitant price and a typically mediocre launch software lineup, this was one of those legitimate complaints that most avid PlayStation followers simply didn't want to acknowledge. It was true: Sony lost Grand Theft Auto, Devil May Cry, and most recently, Final Fantasy. ...and yet, here we sit, less than two and a half years later, and it seems as if the PS3 has - by far and away - the best and most promising exclusive lineup of software.

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original seed5136d ago

Its always a matter of preference.

ape0075136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

ps3 delever in all fronts

kz2 alone worth buying a ps3 for

mgs 4 is fantastic

ps3 has much more to offer

2 things I want to sony to do to make ps3 more than perfect

1-3rd party devs use its potential,instead of your typical "xbox 360 port" and use blu-ray space to increase their worlds.

2-sony we want a true groundbreaking FW updates in the very near future(E3 time).hope 2.7 turns true

other than that ps3 is all around amazing\must buy system

ps3 ftw

IdleLeeSiuLung5136d ago

The only real battle is sales. Yes, there I said it. Sales is the driving factor behind support to the detriment of gamers.

PS3 might have some mighty upcoming first party exclusives, but if they don't sell well enough, it won't get the strong support from third party publishers. Although, it doesn't matter anymore as PS3's install base is large enough to continue to support it.

will115136d ago

Press Agree if you think the PS3 Won. Press Disagree if you think the Xbox 360 won... plz bubble up if you vote

pswi605136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

and maybe someday God of War 12 and Killzone 9 will be multiplat

but the fact is that PlayStation owners get the best exclusives and the same multiplats as Xbox RIGHT NOW. LBP, MGS4, KZ2, and many others are only available on ps3.

if you want UE3 games and multiplats with 1-2 frames per second better during menus or slightly less aliasing when you pause the game and take a ruler to your tv, then you don't need a ps3.

but if you want the best games money can buy, with a free online social community, user generated game content, and next gen first and third person shooters, then what are you waiting for? Killzone 2 is out right now, and it is Epic people....EPIC!!!

soxfan20055136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

The one genre where the PS3 doesn't deliver as far as exclusives while the 360 does is racing - which is, by far, my favorite genre. Here's a rundown:

360 has Forza 2 - the ONLY complete current generation driving sim. While Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a good game (and has AMAZING graphics), it's 6 tracks and 70+ cars cannot compete with Forza 2's 35 tracks and 300+ cars. Plus, Forza 2 is still a very good looking game, and also runs at 60FPS.

360 has Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4. These games perfectly blend arcade racing with sim aspects. While PGR3 is really just an upgrade of PGR2, PGR4 is a true sequel, adding new cars, bikes, tracks, weather effects, and career mode. PGR4 is, in my opinion, the best looking racer on 360, and is very close graphically to GT5P - even though it came out a year earlier.

360 also has Burnout Revenge, the best of the Burnout series. While this is not really an exclusive because a backwards compatible PS3 can play the PS2 version, doing so would mean you would have to settle for last-gen graphics. The 360 has it's own graphically enhanced version.

360 has Race Pro - the only current generation racing sim. I do not have an opinion on this game because I have not played it yet.

PS3 does have Motorstorm 1 and 2, which are great games. (I've only played part 1). But, Motorstorm is off-road racing, and off road racers are not as popular as games with real tracks and cars.

Looking ahead, I see no racers on the PS3's release schedule. The full version of GT5 would seem to be at least 18 months away, while Forza 3 will probably be out this year.

As I said before, racing is my favorite genre, and I ultimately chose to buy a 360 because of its racers. I don't think I am alone either - racing is a huge genre, and 360 simply has the best exclusive racing games. This is probably a factor when it comes to sales of the consoles. You have to remember, to a new buyer of a PS3 or 360, ALL games are new, regardless of when they were released. The current crop of games is just as important of a factor as upcoming releases.

XLiveGamer5136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

That's the thing this fans don't understand.

Its all about preference you may have a good amount of exclusive but the question is ¿Everybody its going to like them? of course not.

I am really tired of the same bull5h!t of "oohh PS3 have a lot of exclusive this year" Exclusives sell consoles to those that like the game get it?

Kamikaze135 posted a big list of PS3 exclusives but how many of them are really good games? There's a lot of them that you don't own or are just future release. ¿Do i care about them? ¿What? ¿Now i am a hater because i don't like them or i am not interested on them?

You cant say that the exclusives the PS3 have make the console win over Xbox 360 already.

Its the entire world buying a PS3 for Killzone 2 or MGS4?

Hey PS3 fans disagree all you want but that don't change the reality.

lol... to get a lot of disagrees all you need to do its post: I don't like Killzone 2 or I don't like the PS3. lol

Original Seed have a lot of disagrees and i really want to know why?

What? ¿PS3 turns you into a dictator?

ps3d05136d ago

I agree with XLixe. Funny thing to me is how ps3fanboy try to make every signle ps3 exclusive game out to be a AAA game and one of the greatest games ever made even if the game is only midcore or out right bad. I seriously dont see 360 owner doing that. Look at Kameo that game is amazing might not AAA but its definitly an A game. Yet no one ever gives it the slightest bit of credit. Now look at Yakuza 3 a so called AAA game but has anyone on here even played a Yakuza game before or hell even heard of it before people started hyping Yakuza 3 as a AAA game ?

ape0075136d ago

I was talking about the ps3

the 360 is a must buy system,all these exclusives,199$ and the best online service

I prefere the ps3 a bit more(that's me)

I respect any other opinion

gears of war 2 and left 4 dead are awesome

to me,it would suck if I don't have a 360

and it would suck more if I don't have a ps3

perfect balance

everyone have his balance

kz2 made that "more"

choice is yours :)

ps360 FTUW,"u stands for ultimate" LOL

original seed5136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

and i have 27 disagrees and counting.

XliveGamer, Some people on here will never understand. They dont get it.

I used to have 10 bubbles (Not that i care) But then i start talking straight over a couple of weeks and im down by half.


Mass Effect
Splinter Cell
Dead Rising
Left for Dead
Viva Pinata
GTA Exclusives
Fallout Exclusives

Its my preference. Its that simple. However, I also bought a PS3 for MGS4.

Im sure some of you enjoy


ape0075135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

splinter cell convection looks to be super amazing

ubisoft montrial is developing it,the same team that developed sc:chaos theory which was one of the greatest games of all time and the 2nd greatest game after halo 1 on xbox 1 imho



remedy,I trust you,max payen 1 and specially 2 were amazing,I want AW to totally blow me away

happy times and I understand what you said,I didn't disagree(this place is full of sony die hard fanboys honstly)

have bubbles :)

Why dis5135d ago


I mean come on where are we again?(N4G) "" saying this isn't surprising.

Le Idiotce5135d ago

They have already conquered!!!

Where are the MS first party exclusives in 2008? Banjo Kazooie people. Banjo flopzooie was MSs only first party title.

In 2009, they have failo wars and halo expansion as first party titles.

Thats it! In 2 years time, they dont have a thing to brag about.

Has Sony already won in the first party exclusives? Sony has already destroyed MSs first party studios people!

Bungie has abandoned ship
PGR is no more
Ensembles has closed down
Rare is being restructured.


SL1M DADDY5135d ago

At the third party exclusives that "could have been" on the PS3 only and comparing them with the exclusives that are only on PS3, you can see that the quality of the games is far different. Aside from Haze and Lair (I actually liked Lair), each of the heavy hitters in Sony exclusive line is as good as or better than any of the games that might have been exclusive but went multiplatform.

Agent VX5135d ago

Sorry to disappoint, but the PC has this category all sown up.

Only console exclusives I am excited about is Forza 3, GT5 and sort of GOW 3. That's about it!!!

For my PC, there is the new Company of Heroes, Empire: Total War (GOTY 2009), the new World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (Game will be unplayable on 360/PS3), Grand Ages: Rome, Heroes Over Europe, Hearts of Iron III and Storm of War: Battle of Britain just to name a few.

You Already Know5135d ago

I'm wondering why you stated a fact and 36 people hit disagree...

callahan095135d ago

Sox Fan: I'm a racing fan, too, and I've had plenty of good experiences on the PS3. I think Ridge Racer 7 was amazing, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was really great (still the best graphics & controls in a racing game, in my opinion), Ferrari was a good game, and if you're a real racing game vet you'll love it (casual racing game fans may not because it's very, very difficult), and of course Motorstorm Pacific Rift is just great (I know it's not the kind of racing you're probably in to, but for me, it's my favorite racing game this generation so far). Then there's the multiplatform games (Burnout Paradise, woo!) With a full version of GT5 coming sometime in 2010 most likely, I'm willing to say that if you are a racing game fan and only buy a PS3, you'll still have a great time now and especially in the future. The 360 has a lot of good racing games too, no doubt, but I don't think it's a blow-out victory by any means... PS3 owning racing fans have a lot to play.

You Already Know5135d ago

you said it's all about preference and then question how many PS3 exclusives that were mentioned are good games...and then act like it's only KZ2 and MGS4...

you sort of contradicted yourself...

either that or you just really muddied up your point...

Mainman5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

In my oppinion, whoever has Metal Gear Solid on his system exclusively has won by defealt (I am a major MGS fan). In this case it is the PS3.

Elven65135d ago

One good year and already the PS3 fansites are calling it a win? At least wait till the Xbox 720, PS4, etc before looking back and say, "Hey who really brought to the table" or at the most the end of this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for titles like Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 (I'm a sucker for stuff that deals with the past :p), etc

Its already been confirmed Rare is coming out with 4 new projects this year, I assume the two new Ensemble studios will have something to unveil this year as well, not sure what platform but interesting none the less. Don't forget Smith & Tinker which is as of now a Microsoft second party studio and hard at work since 07 on ex FASA franchises.

soxfan20055135d ago


You're right - Ridge Racer 7 is a great game. I like Ridge Racer 6 for 360 (I think they are basically the same game). I forgot about PS3 Ferrari - I've wanted to play that game. I hope it comes out for 360 this year. I loved the F355 game for Dreamcast too - now that was REALLY hardcore.

Danja5135d ago

dude how could you forget "WipeOut HD"...this game is pure awesomeness ...

btw Motorstorm 2 is the best Off Road Racer ever....IMO

and one thing...Burnout 3 still remains the best in the series IMO ..XD

Argento-Nox5135d ago

@1.19 Elven6

Enlighten me again, what exactly has Rare put out this gen that can be considered good, even compared to their old classics? 4 games coming from Rare doesn't mean much these days considering they're in the middle of re-structuring, which rarely is a good sign.

Arnon5135d ago

I own:

Xbox 360:

Gears of War 1 & 2
Fable 2
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Castle Crashers
Portal: Still Alive
Left 4 Dead
Ninja Gaiden 2
Aces of The Galaxy
and some others


Little Big Planet
Killzone 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Pixel Junk: Monsters
Noby Noby Boy
WipEout HD

Every single one of these exclusives that I have bought are amazing. I actually have never NOT enjoyed an exclusive game. All my multi-platform titles go to the 360. And this is being unbiased in the least way possible. The only reason I own more games on my 360 is because I've had it longer. I choose my 360 because of Xbox LIVE. But that doesn't mean I don't play my PS3 on a regular basis.

The point I'm trying to get across.. is that both consoles cannot "win" anything. It's all about preference. And you would be depriving yourself to miss out on either one of the console's games.

ThanatosDMC5135d ago

Here we go again with "exclusives" a lot of those mentioned above can be bought on steam and actually plays better on PC/laptops.

GTA exclusives
Fallout exclusives

Wow, just wow... DLC and it's being counted as a whole game? GTA is game full of games. The DLC should have been included in first place just like Fallout "expansions"... but that's my opinion.

Also, please play the games first before you start bashing them. Fable is not that good, btw. Though i was enticed by the mini game of forging swords. That was cool and innovative.

Banjo Kazooie <--- HA!

Dead Rising on the 360 is by far is the most enjoyable game for me compared to most games.

sonysuks5135d ago

sony fans are delusional
anything to keep there spirits high, even if they have to lye to each other. thats the type of people sony attracts. there is way more xbox 360 owners and fans right now and this site you see is full of the fans that can't let go of a loss, you have been outsold since the sony launch by 2,000,000 units. xbox 360 exclusives have sold ten times better.

yet sony fans out of desperate measure have them self a big stroke fest at n4g. it's just a bunch mindless stroking going on in here.

Sony has lost the f=ing battle, get over it and stop stroking your sony friend of with delusional wins, when the numbers clearly show a loser.
in the end the wallet determines a winner and loser.

Wii is the real winner

StephanieBBB5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

@original seed

It's funny how every game you enjoy is a 360 exclusive? :S
I mean you should be able to enjoy games for what they are but that seemes not to be the case. To me it doesn't matter if a game is on the 360, ps3 or wii. If someone has put thier heart and soul in to it and made it top notch then im buying it. If they slack and release unfinished piece of crap then they can go and shove a roll of quarters up thier A-hole because I'm not buying it.


Nope not everyone is going to like a specific console's exclusives but do you know what? Thats the beauty of having multiple consoles on the market because we as gamers get more games and alot of more options. The only problem is that in the end we are gonna get so spoiled that developers will have to be developing games for 3-4 years just so the quality standard is as high as everyone expects. If it doesn't hold up then thier game will not sell well and that will hurt the market more than anything else.

Arnon5135d ago

Why do I get the feeling you just contradicted yourself. You state "Don't bash a game until you play it", but then you say "Banjo-Kazooie - HA!"

Banjo-Kazooie 1 on the XBLA is just as good as the one from N64.. except with more stuff in it.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is DAMN fun. And it's extremely underrated.

Microsoft Xbox 3605135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )


How did he contradict himself? Maybe he played it and did not like it. Ever thought of that?


Do you think anybody is going to take you seriously with a name like "sonysuks" as your username? The only delusional fanboy in here is you. You have it set in stone to hate Sony.

Xbox fanboys on this site have very weak logic.

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Kamikaze1355136d ago

This year the PS3 gets:

Killzone 2
White Knight Chronicles
Cross Edge
Heavy Rain
The Punisher
Ratchet and Clank
Uncharted 2
God of War 3
Maybe Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Japan)
Demon's Souls
Yakuza 3
War Devil
L.A. Noire

360 gets:

Halo Wars
Alan Wake
Star Ocean 4 (best freaking RPG ever, imo)
what else? I love my 360, but don't really keep up with what's coming out...sorry if I seem arrogant.

Rock Bottom5136d ago

I'm almost sure War Devil and L.A. Noire wont see light this year, still, GoD3, KZ2 and Uncharted 2 are more than enough to beat that poor 360 line up.

In hope for Alan Wake to show up before 2010.

ps3d05136d ago

LA noire been multipat for a loooooooooooooooooong time now btw. Half that list sounds like crap and I could name just as many 360 exclusives that are AAA games

Why dis5136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

PS3 gets:

Killzone 2 - 2009
White Knight Chronicles -2009
Cross Edge -(?)
Heavy Rain - 2010
The Punisher -(?)
Ratchet and Clank -(?)
Uncharted 2 - 2009
God of War 3 - 2010
M.A.G. - 2010
Maybe Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Japan) - 2010
Demon's Souls-(?)
InFamous - 2009
BlazBlue -(?)
Yakuza 3-2009
War Devil- 2010
L.A. Noire (360 too)
Gran Turismo 5 - 2010
Quantum theory-(?)
mlb 09- 2009
under siege - (?)
twisted metal (?)
nba10- 2009
dc universe -2009
the agency -2009
kenzan -(?)

360 gets:

Age of Conan (2009)
White Gold-(?)
Dead Island 2009
Dog Tag- (?)
Halo Wars - 2009
Alan Wake - 2009
Star Ocean 4 - 2009
Splinter cell -2009
Mass Effect 2 -2010
Lost Planet 2-(?)
WarHound -2009
TestDrive Unlimited 2 -?)
Prey 2- 2009
Ferrari Project- 2009
Ninja Blade- 2009
Halo 3: ODST - 2009
APB- 2009
Blue Dragon 2-2010?
Huxley -2009
Elveon- 2009
Dungeon Hero- 2009
Forza 3-2009
Theseis- 2009
Ninety-Nine Nights II- 2009
2 days to Vegas (Timed exclusive for PC and 360)- 2009
Age of Conan(Console)- 2009
1 vs 100- 2009
Killer Instinct 2(you know its coming)- 2009?
Perfect Dark 2(we Know its coming)- 2009?
Peter Jackson's Halo: Chronicles -2009?
Shadow Harvest-(?)
Velvet Assassin- 2009
Demons of Mercy-2009
Divinity 2 – Ego Draconis-2009
The Shadow of Aten-(?)
Two Worlds: The Temptation-2009

yanikins1115136d ago


pretty sure gt5 was confirmed for around xmas, and heavy rain for about july.....

Why dis5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

You could be right some of those games have different info every few months even more so with PS3 titles.

I do know about 3 or 4 big PS3 games PS3 fans put on their lists have been pushed back

So I get to add these to my list above.

Gears 2
Fable 2
Left 4 Dead

I guess the so called exclusive battle doesn't matter because consumers vote with their wallets lol.

original seed5135d ago

You have to remember that Microsoft doesn't show its hand early like Sony. They always keep things hush hush. Until E3 rolls about then we will see what they have in store.

ps921175135d ago

k, lost planet, mass efffect, ferrari project(lol already on ps3), test drive are not 360 exclusives, they are multiplats. and almost every game after age of conan( repeated twice) and age of conan are ports of an old pc title. Again you included some arcade, if you want to talk psn then tell me. As for the rest, which one of those are anticipated AW, splinter or OSDT, lol. admit fuking defeat bich and move on.

Simon_Brezhnev5135d ago

@ original seed u dont think sony has a lot of secrets they only making known games that people know will come out why surprpise people about it

HoofHearted5135d ago

Almost half those 360 games are multiplat that you listed or not confirmed exclusive for the 360.

Nice try though!

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Sonyslave35136d ago

no no only thing ps3 is wining is being third place

PirateThom5136d ago

Sony could scrap the PS3 and never sell another console and it wouldn't matter. The games are the important thing and it's delivered... and it's going to keep delivering.

If you're too blind to see that, then you're not a gamer.

sonysuks5135d ago

anything to keep there spirits high, even if they have to lye to each other. thats the type of people sony attracts. there is way more xbox 360 owners and fans right now and this site you see is full of the fans that can't let go of a loss, you have been outsold since the sony launch by 2,000,000 units. xbox 360 exclusives have sold ten times better.

yet sony fans out of desperate measure have them self a big stroke fest at n4g. it's just a bunch mindless stroking going on in here.

Sony has lost the f=ing battle, get over it and stop stroking your sony friend of with delusional wins, when the numbers clearly show a loser.
in the end the wallet determines a winner and loser.

Wii is the real winner

n to the b5135d ago

"Sony could scrap the PS3 and never sell another console and it wouldn't matter. The games are the important thing and it's delivered... and it's going to keep delivering."

that doesn't even make any sense!

Major_Tom5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

How did that not make sense?

If PS3 went the way of the Dreamcast it would probably be immortalized.

Look at how many awesome games Dreamcast has, and now look how many awesome games PS3 has.

It would be the same if Xbox 360 faded, they would all be immortalized because of the games.

Sales are this manipulation of thought, they just try to provoke people into thinking sales some how matter to a gamer.

If you're a real gamer, why would sales matter? They haven't so far. Console sales have never stopped producing awesome games.

I'm off to play Killzone 2. Happy gaming.

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swiftshot935136d ago

but then you also have Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3.

Acquiesc35136d ago

Definitely agreed. The next Team ICO game was the biggest factor why I decided to buy a ps3.

TrueStoryGuy5136d ago

Can't wait for Team Ico's new game... and I say that without really seeing anything offered by them, but that's from my complete confidence from their two previous great games:
Shadow Of The Colossus.

Zeus Lee5136d ago

I really don't think you should use Metal Gear Solid 4,a third party franchise that is not a Playstation exclusive,as the story pic.

Kamikaze1355136d ago

Because it's on the ipod touch? Does that even count? lol

caffman5135d ago

MGS has been on a shedload of consoles