XMB Fan Concept Art

User Mattious_28 has designed some very sexy ideas for XMB that everyone should check out.

- Completed Music Page
- Updated Main XMB Menu
- Improved Navigation
- In Game CHAT ROOM!
- Updated Instant Chat Page
- New game in background. To show how it would look on other games. (blurs the game in background basically)
- Etc...

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Zeus Lee3518d ago

Looks alright,it would never be implemented though as it's not visual nor intuitive enough for the casual gamer.

It also wouldn't work very well with the Dualshock controller.

Handsome_Devil3518d ago

TBO with you I don't know what the Dualshock controller have to do with this :|

whoelse3518d ago

It looks very good and well... stunning but I have to agree with you that it has to be easy to use for anyone and everyone. For people who browse this site it would be like walking however for a casual gamer they may find it too complicated thus missing out on great features.

ape0073518d ago

this looks like a dream

ape0073518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

sony should change the xmb,some here disagreed and get me wrong

I didn't mean the XBM system itself,the layout in the xbm is perfect

I mean sony should change its LOOK it's OVERALL FEELING and give it some NEW FUNCTIONALITIES

Crazyglues3518d ago

something like that would be really nice to have...

wow amazing job..

Megaton3518d ago

PS3 needs stuff like this more than Home.

jakinov3518d ago

I think it looks awesome, so cool, smooth and nice looking :)

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The story is too old to be commented.