MLB 09 The Show - Saving Interactive Replays as Movies

Greg Batalucco, Designer of MLB 09 The Show, writes:

"Hey everyone, Greg Batalucco (Game Designer) back here to bring you another blog installment for MLB 09 The Show. This post will focus on the new feature that many of you have been calling for, saving interactive replays out as movies. We know that everyone likes to show off great plays or even funny ones to their friends. Well, now you have the capability to create your own movie from within our replay system and do just that. Now it is easy and fun to make movies and let everyone see your specific highlights."

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whateva3518d ago

does it have Youtube uploading?

I love using that in Noby Noby Boy and Pain, I used it in pixel junk monsters too but I only played the game to test the youtube uploading lol.