OMGRPG: Why WoW can't kill Guild Wars

OMGRPG writes:

"All right, I'm a few years late but last week, I finally got my hands on Guild Wars, Prophecies. A few years ago, I heard my cousin talked about Guild Wars and how you don't have to pay a subscription fee. I thought that was awesome. Now after playing the game, I concluded that the developer, ArenaNet, is made up of geniuses.

We kept hearing about MMOs going under left and right. (Tabula Rasa anyone?) As I am no MMO expert, I'm not sure if it was because most dead MMOs suffered from technical problems or bad marketing or what not. My theory is that they all failed because they tried to go head on with World of Warcraft. Seriously, how could you beat a 800 pound gorilla?"

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Jerk1203521d ago

Why 360 can and will kill Ps3 : 360 is better, Ps3 sucks.

thereapersson3521d ago

There's a reason why you only have one bubble...


I Guess he can sleep better now saying that

farsided3521d ago

Played guild wars for 3 years, and once I'd taken every single character up to 20, and gotten them multiple armor sets and every single weapon and achievement I could think of, and after I'd explored everything there was to do (including pvp), I got tired of With no more expansions and god knows how long until guild wars 2, I turned to WoW, and now I'm finding that while you are paying monthly fees, you're paying for 100x more content. Guild Wars is nice if you're INCREDIBLY leisurely in your playing of mmo's, but for someone who wants lasting, rewarding, and badass play, go WoW.

LeGenDx3521d ago

theres just something about gw

claney3521d ago

I enjoyed GW way more then WOW as well, there is something about GW and i like the the level cap is 20 and then it just comes down to pure skill and your ability to react, unlike WOW where the first few levels are good then its a massive boring grind to get to the max level, also i hate pvp in WOW with the running around and the jumping, else its ok when your with friends and their rougly the same lvl, but i like GW so much more

Sprudling3521d ago

Yup, but WoW is the king of PvE, especially the raiding game. Nothing else is even close.

ChampIDC3521d ago

My favorite thing about GW is the diversity in the classes. In WoW, there's like 1 or 2 applicable character specs each for PVE and PVP. In GW, each class can do so many different things that can succeed. It's all about careful planning and experimentation. Sure,there's always the stock builds you can copy from other people, but there's just something so satisfying about making up your own strategy.

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