DLC: Good or Bad? I'll tell you

Downloadable content, or DLC for you young folks, is either the beginning of the end or one of the best things to happen to video games since online multiplayer. Most major releases have DLC waiting in the wings to quell the thirst left by the original game. It's so important now that some companies have started dishing out millions of dollars to secure the exclusive rights to the DLC for multi-platform games so they can give people a reason to buy it on their system. So is DLC a good thing? Or is it another way to squeeze every penny from the already hemorrhaging pockets of the average gamer? Read on and I'll tell you.

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Lord Vader3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I think it's awesome & the best part is you dont have to purchase dlc if you dont want to. I definately enjoyed the DLC for Mass Effect, Fallout III, & GTA IV myself & would buy more for those games.

pippoppow3523d ago

DLC is good when Devs want to extend the game after it does well in sales. Its also good for small independents. It isn't good when DLC content for a multi-platform game isn't released for all platforms. It also isn't good when DLC is made to unlock features already in game or origional game content held back to be released as DLC soon after release.