And The Console King Is? The PS2. Still

This holiday season, it wasn't the PS3, the Xbox 360 or the Wii that came out on top. Oh no, it was the six-year-old PS2, which moved 1.4 million consoles. Wired's Chris Baker has a piece up over at Slate detailing why the PS2 still is numero uno.

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jpod4245d ago

ps2 is king. slowly dying but staying strong.

PS360WII4245d ago

The PS2 is one tough system to beat. It'll eventually fade away but not for at least 2 more years or so. There are so many games and the new releases are looking great.

GaMr-4245d ago

The Day it Does Retire. I will of earned its spot in our gaming history books. Right next to the Greats such is the 8 bit nintendo, Super Nintendo and The Sega Genesis. Hell even the PS1 is already in their as well.

Rasputin20114245d ago

The Ric Flair of video games...getting old as f#%k but still going strong.


Keyser4244d ago

Sony has to pat itself on the back for making a great product in the PS2. So many games to play and such a huge following. It trounced its opens and contined to push the envelope. It also ushered in DVD's to the mainstream. It will definitely be a subject of interestin video game history.