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chasegamez23521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

yeah right

@Elven6 your right i forgot about that

Elven63521d ago

Why do you find that hard to believe? Especially considering the recent pricedrop and the fact that it is on almost every platform known to man?

Bnet3433521d ago

lol wow wtf? 2.6 million? damn ... gotta be the boobs ...

Sevir043521d ago

chase thinks taht it didn't do well because he only played them on next gen platforms. he for gets that this game was also on the Wii. that kind of mentality still plagues mankind as a whole. they certainly only see what they like and nothing else exist. it's a complex that many fall victim to. go easy on him elven

Elven63521d ago

Although I really hate Eidos after they screwed over Core Design (the same studio that put Eidos on the map) its nice to see them do well after so long. I'm not sure I want Square to acquire them, usually nothing good comes from such things, especially if they rename Eidos to something like Square Enix UK. If the Free Radical buyout shows anything, people don't give a damn about name recognition, just ips.

Eiffel3521d ago

Thats great and all...

Eidos make the next Hitman already.

XDF3521d ago

Can't wait for the new DLC on X360...

Jack Bauer3521d ago

just got it today for 15 bucks at target!

Elven63521d ago

I got min for $40 at The Source, 2 days ago, it was on clearance, I want to get the DLC as well in a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.