Bow Wow Playing Blood On The Sand

AB Frasier of reports:

"Rapper Bow Wow shows support for 50 Cent by making Blood On The Sand his "Game Of The Week". In the video below he gives a little brief review with some footage of himself playing the game. Bow wow is no stranger to the 360, can we see a Bow Wow game coming soon? Everywhere I turn people are either talking about or playing this game. 50 is doing a great job getting the word out. Review coming soon."

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Sonyslave33615d ago

omg whats up with all these stars and xbox 360 do any stars own a ps3

fmills153615d ago

i might give the game a rent.

lelik3615d ago

lol bow wow is mad poor. even i game on a 46"

Jamaicangmr3615d ago

I game on a 60" XBR with a 7.1 digital system. So what does that say about both of you?

pumpkinpunker3614d ago

I game on your mom's azz so what does that say about both of you?

pwnsause3614d ago

I game on both your mom's and sister's azz so what doe that say about the three of you?

The Matrix3614d ago

Good to see that 1 person is playing that game.