IGN: The PSP's Brand New Day

With the PSP renaissance as a backdrop, the IGN PlayStation Team thought it was a good idea to bring back John Koller, the director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment. This is a candid, in-depth conversation with the man about the PSP and its future, followed by the IGN PlayStation Team ranting and raving about what they want to see in the latest crop of PSP games.

Are you ready to go beyond?

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OGharryjoysticks3519d ago

What a joke. IGN is really just Teamxbox. Since they are supposed to be nuetral in coverage and it looks bad when they rep one console specific by name they added a "supposed" team name to Playstation. Ever wonder why IGN would always rate 360 games .1 or .2 better than PS3? LOL

Jerk1203519d ago

Ever wonder why almost all reviewers rate 360 games .1 or .2 better than PS3? LOL

Hint : PS3 SUCKS.

krouse933519d ago

Hint: Your Retarded. and Protip: learn the facts and history of each console before you put yourself in a position to be Killzowned.

Oh and PlayStation 3 is a Vastly Superior system when compared to the Xbox 360.