Is Multiplayer a Must Have? - It seems every game these days has multiplayer of some kind. It's not just your shooters either. You look across the spectrum of games and you will see almost every game has a multiplayer element. Viva Piñata 2 to Killzone 2…they all seem to have it. But is it a good thing?

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SaiyanFury3545d ago

Agreed. I grew up playing games by myself, or when a friend was over, we'd play 2P in things like the original Mario Kart. Is multiplayer a must have? For me, no. I rarely game online and I don't have the urge to reach out and touch someone to game with. I have enough fun playing by myself. Especially since most of what I play are RPGs that feature zero online compatibility.

velaxun3545d ago

I think most devs are adding in multiplayer components to games but reviewers rag on games that don't have a multiplayer aspect. I know a lot of us say "oh don't follow reviews they're just opinions" but the vast majority of people out there use reviews to determine whether or not they're going to buy the game.

poopface13545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

games dont need to have multiplayer. I sometimes prefer a game with no multi that way the developers really focus on the single player.

ONe example of a great SP only game would be dead space(or fallout 3). It doesnt need multiplayer to be great. MP can defiantly lead to more sales tho. I might have bought Dead space it it had some multilayer. I hope dead space 2 has a co-op mode, cause I think im gonna buy it anyways.

On the other had some games would suck without multiplayer like halo3 and COD4.
Some games are like a super value because they come with great SP and MP. Two best examples would be HL and HL 2.

markfrost3545d ago

Yes, multiplayer is a must have in most games. If I'm going to spend $60, it better give me months of enjoyment. A normal FPS story mode won't do that.

cayal3545d ago

Not if single player suffers.

yoghurt3545d ago

depends on the platform right! ;)

Arsenic133545d ago

If it compromises the single player no. If its just a taked on piece of crap (The Darkness Multiplayer) then NO. Luckily The Darkness's single player was good. But if multiplayers isn't a priority and the story is, put all the resources into the single player.

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The story is too old to be commented.