1UP: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Review

That the Dead Rising experience exists on Wii is not a bad thing at all. Taken on its own merits, this is a fun little distraction that reminds 1UP of Sega's classic arcade ports on Dreamcast, but with a little more meat and ambition built in to the game mechanics. It's tough to ignore the game's faults when compared to its bigger, prettier and, still-flawed brother on Xbox 360, though.

Should veteran Dead Risers bother with this admirable, but limited port of the original? Not really. But should newcomers to the series give it a spin? Given the scarcity of genuine, old-school arcade content on the Wii (soon to be remedied by MadWorld), 1UP would say yes.

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Eiffel3518d ago

Why does it feel like a game that you could emulate onto a PSP. I know may not be able to..but from the screens it feels like you could.


Voiceofreason3518d ago

Why does it feel like you could run this on PSP? Well because you lack any real knowledge of gaming that is why. Game would have to be cut in half to run on the PSP. Sure you could get that game running on PSP at that graphical level but you'd only be able to kill 1 zombie because that is all the game could load.