Silent Hill Homecoming PC To Receive Patch

For those who do not know, Silent Hill Homecoming for the PC is littered with bugs. Numerous bugs were some how not squashed in the testing process and many fans were displeased. Rejoice!, for Konami has now announced a patch to finally fix the issues that plague the game.

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Tony P3613d ago

Well halle-f*cking-lujah.

I threw this game aside due to the numerous freaking bugs that crop up. It's playable, but hardly so perfect a game that they don't need to support it.

Still the the official announcement leaves room for worry:

"We have discovered a problem within the PC version of Silent Hill: Homecoming, which affected the stability of the game when changing the screen resolution. The problem has been analyzed and we are confirming that a patch will be released soon."

Please Konami, don't stop there! You can fix a LOT more.