IGN: Games of the Month: February 2009

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, there wasn't a shortage of games for people to play. More games came out in this month alone than there were actual days, ensuring that there was plenty of soldiers to shoot, tracks to race around and people to face off against (and beat to a bloody pulp). All the while, the action that raged across consoles, portables and handhelds ensured that this winter would be heated up with some compelling gameplay. 2009 may only be two months old, but there's more than enough going on in the gaming industry to keep you occupied.

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rogimusprime3521d ago

they put this one over Killzone 2?

that's going to piss some folks off.

Eiffel3521d ago

Sadly yes, over someones opinion..

Marceles3521d ago

It's games of the month for each system. Killzone 2 is still game of the month

monkpunk13521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

And sf4 is a great game, it really really is, I love it as a pick up and play for an hour game Killzone has just been released and boy is it a slow burner.. it takes a little getting used to, the multiplayer is deeper than any multiplayer i've played before.

But when it gets into full swing boy is it good, leveling up is something that you really want to work towards and unlocking a new weapon, ribbon or medal is genuinly exiting.

I played with my friends last night and almost all of them have the game. We got a game going and it really was a tactical affair after about three rounds the room was full with stangers and friends alike working together as a team (i grenaded someone last night and they flew through the air, arms flailing it was something to behold, i couldnt stop laughing and was in awe).... Killzone has the multiplayer down to a T all it needs is a create a party option. but i can see aswell why it isnt in there too (you will make lots of friends in this game)

beavis4play3521d ago

they gave KZ2 "ps3 game of the month".
AND, in voting for overall game of the month, KZ2 has a little over 55% of the vote and that is double what the #2 game (SFIV) has.

1ikedamaster3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

The Street Fighter series has garnered worldwide acclaim by both gamers and critics.

Killzone 2 deserves some accolades? Why not.

Eiffel3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

What are YOU talking about? My statement showed no doubt towards it being GOTM. My statement was only stating how people can get pissed off a review of a game just because it does not fit their liking.

I can't even see how you could confuse the two..

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Omega43521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Halo Wars and Killzone 2 wont be getting GOTY then especially if they cant even get GOTM

Edit: Wait Killzone 2 did get GOTM for the PS3 anyway, damn that misleading picture

beavis4play3521d ago

and currently it isn't even close.

Mindboggle3521d ago

What happened as this site has brought tons of people to the site voting for their favourite game, which has now bumped killzone to the tip, where it should be imo.

Street fighter and killzone are both GOTY contenders with out a doubt.

Jerk1203521d ago

Killzone 2 isn't game of the month.

It's suck of the year.

Mindboggle3521d ago

Your mum also gives sucks of the year....

DelbertGrady3521d ago

I would put either Halo Wars or Star Ocean IV as the 360's game of the month.

Sin-CityGamer3521d ago

They had to put SF4 as game of the month for 360... while the others listed were exclusives to their platform...

MrJack3521d ago

And SF4 is better on the PS3 :D

Also, Omega, Halo Wars doesn't have a chance of Game of the Year, only AAA titles can get that accolade.

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