Sony Talking To Rockstar About More 'GTA' PSP Games

MTV Multiplayer Blog Writes:

After two successful "Grand Theft Auto" games on the PSP, the world's most notorious gaming franchise is making its next portable outing - "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" - on Nintendo's DS.

But Sony isn't ready to let portable "GTA" out of its grasp.

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edwineverready3524d ago

a new story would be nice or san andreas story.

K-Gamer3524d ago

I don't think san andreas would fit on a umd.

GTA:VCS used the full capacity of it.

It would amaze me.

I hope PSP2 gets announced on E3 and that GTA:SA stories will be launch title :)

whoelse3523d ago

I would start playing my PSP again if there was another GTA PSP game.

BlackIceJoe3524d ago

May be the rumored San Andreas stories game that popped up a few days ago has a little more chance the game is real. I hope to see more GTA on the PSP because both past games have been fun and so I would like to see another GTA on the PSP.

roddigamer3523d ago

i would like to see another episode to GTA IV on PS3

Vip3r3523d ago

I know HMV have San Andreas Stories up as a pre-order on their site. Just hope its true.

madmike3523d ago

50 million please and thank you

randomwiz3523d ago

Why sell on ds?
Have they not seen what happened to COD on the DS? It didn't even reach 75k sales.