The Trials and Tribulations of Continuing Chrono

Gamer Limit writes: for anybody familiar with any sense of Timmy Walnuts work, you'll notice that he's a traditionalist when it comes to gaming, a quality that some may find redundant and questionable. Video games, as a concept, embody innovation, and for some, sticking to a formula that has been tried and tried again doesn't quite cut it for their entertainment (or addiction. tomatoe - tomato). As much as Timmy Walnuts agrees with this ideology, he finds himself always looking for game that will satisfy my ongoing struggle for that experience that not only meets my desired level of innovation, but almost transcends time and brings upon a reversion to my preteen (or, God forbid, tween) self.

For Timmy Walnuts believes his views as a traditionalist simply break down to that: discovering mechanisms of feeling like he's 10 or 11 again, where he quite possibly spent more time gaming than he did sleeping, as memories of burning out disc motors in not two, but THREE different PlayStations come creeping their way back into his head.

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Andrew Wiggin3610d ago

I want Chrono Break so bad

Fullish3610d ago

Anything Chrono would be great, maybe a unscaled port of Chrono cross for the PSP? :D

iseven3610d ago

Chrono, best RPG evar


I still have it for snes and playstation. I didnt like crono cross that much but I still got that game too.

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The story is too old to be commented.