GameShark: Killzone 2 Review

Because it successfully brings together a compelling single player campaign and fully realized multiplayer experience, Killzone 2 emerges as a new benchmark for the shooter genre. This is a game that leverages an atmospheric presentation and superb game design for something memorable and lasting. To quibble about a lack of cooperative play through the campaign or the omission of some other feature is to miss the point: Killzone 2 is meant to be a carefully laid out epic. It is a must-have game, a brilliant start for the year, and among the best games of this generation.

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Timberland2K93521d ago

It defines HD as not only Pixels but lighting effects and all AAA Sony WINS

frayer3521d ago

AAA. Pwned bots. Back to the game...

brycespitler3521d ago

playing this game all day and it is amazing!

edge and that telewhatever site was full of shhit when they said it isnt enjoyable

poindat3521d ago

Ah, Gameshark. I've had some good times with you.

Anyways, pretty much expected score and likes/dislike. The lack of co-op is somewhat disappointing for me. It is always nice to experience the intensity of games like this with a friend who is beside you.

But its not a real huge negative, and sure enough I will be plodding out to make purchase of it later this evening.

Ldubbz3521d ago

Review overload!!! Review Overload!!!

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