Loot Ninja Review: Halo Wars

As you know, Halo Wars is a new real time strategy game within the Halo universe. Now, to begin, if you don't play many RTS games you probably wont have as many issues with the game that Max has; this is because when he plays RTS games he compares them to, what he believes is still the best RTS game out there, Starcraft. An interesting thing happened however; Halo Wars really stood up and succeeded very well with all the issues it could have had being a console RTS game.

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drunkpandas3518d ago

At first glance and on the surface, Halo Wars seems like an overly simple RTS. Digging down more, it really is a pretty deep game that satisfies both new and veteran RTS players. Ensemble did a great job here.

taz80803518d ago

Good to hear this is a solid RTS.

I know many gamers that are on the fence over this title.

taz80803518d ago

A good RTS for a console and it only exist son the 360, thats a feather in the MS cap

greyishfox3518d ago

If you take away the Halo franchise and dressing away and the game stands up then it will get gamers over the fence.

drunkpandas3518d ago

Based on my play time, I think it stands up without the Halo name. The gameplay is solid and fun. It's easily the best controls on a console for an RTS game.

4Sh0w3518d ago

The controls were easily the best that I've ever played for a RTS on a console, that alone makes it at least a 9/10 in my book.