360 Fanboy Impressions on Killzone 2 Multiplayer

Hardcore Christian Gamer writes, "I picked up Killzone 2 last night at Walmart. I was the only person waiting for it, felt pretty dumb being "that guy" in my pajamas standing in an invisible line. After learning that my local Game Stop wasn't having a midnight launch due to no reservations. No reservations? Seriously? Not a really good start for the game that will save the world and put Sony back on top. I guess I live in an Xbox and Wii town."

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Jager3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Ah, the Christian gamer finally admits he is a 360 fanboy. Least he likes it tho :P

kenjix3519d ago

I'm not reading the article or clicking the link but good catch

3519d ago
na2ru13519d ago

You are in no way, shape, or form a so called "Fanboy"

Bubble Buddy3519d ago

360degrees: Yeah no one cares, go play Halo Wars when it comes out, have fun.

Rob0g0rilla3519d ago

I didn't see that coming


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Bathyj3519d ago

The fact you returned Heavanly Sword, shows what poor taste in gaming you have.

sonarus3519d ago

Why do ppl always feel like gamers depend on their purchase. Return the game if you want. You CLEARLY aren't missing anything. I mean you got halo wars to tide you over till...till...Halo ODST perhaps

themyk3519d ago

I would love to hear this idiot if this was a 360 exclusive. Not that I believe for one second that he even has a ps3. Nor do I believe for one second that he's even a gamer. By the way heavenly swords grafx beats every 360 exclusive. With amazing gameplay.

ReTarDedFisHy3519d ago

He is SO obsessed with that phrase:
"In any way shape or form"

Honestly, go read his comments ahaha, it's like he throws it in to try and sound smart.

Ju3519d ago

360dgr, ha ha, what a funny guy (or girl, you never know these days).

nycredude3519d ago

Are you really that big of an idiot or do you just think everyone else is an idiot? Even if you absolutely hate the game, you still can deny the fact that technically and visually it is on par and better than many pc games, let alone console games!

You need either glasses or a shrink because your hate is really taking a life of its own.

ps3d03519d ago

Wait if this guy is a "Christian gamer" then how could he be a 360 fanboy. Isnt being a fanboy extremely anti christian ?

WildWillyWilson3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

360 degrees you really are a bit of a tit arent you? :-)
You just wouldnt get PS3 owners spouting crap like this, your comments are transparent and you seem so so insecure its untrue.
Killzone 2 isnt without flaws: yes your character seems somewhat vertically challenged and ok the story isnt deeply involving or strong like Half Life but its doesnt bloody well need to be! Its a frantic, chaotic shooter that makes you feel like your really in the middle of a war zone. The graphics are simply breathtaking and how you cannot admit to this says more about you than anything else. If this was a 360 exclusive you'd be wetting your power ranger pajamas! Isnt there some kind of counsellor who can help you through this period in your life? I feel for you...

LONEWOLF2313519d ago

Are you serious 360degrees???
Who in their mind would want to return Heavenly Sword???
That game is Epic!

Rock Bottom3519d ago

I wonder how Hardcore Christian Gamer is going to review God of War 3 when it comes out, you know, with boobs and everything.

thereapersson3519d ago

And look, 10 little trolls came out of the woodwork after they detected his Killzone bashing and gave him 10 little agrees. How cute...

edgeofblade3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

360degrees' "big ol' Bowl of mediocrity" is how I see it, but I don't think I would be so harsh on the graphics. That's this game's biggest achievement... and I'm willing to let them have it...

The rest is a mess of awkward controls and same-old gameplay. But let them have the well deserved marks in the graphics department.

So, sorry, 360 degrees... that amounts to a big fat disagree.

Ju3519d ago

Hey, btw, to spare others disappointment. The KZ2 demo is on the PSN since yesterday to try for everyone.

Man, the opening scene is epic! I just snooped thru a full map circle just to get a sneak peak. With bots because all the games were full. These guys are actually pretty smart. They flank you and work as a team - almost more then real players. You can't really tell they are bots...that alone makes it a game without end. But, well, its alright if some don't like it. Who really cares :)

Shepherd 2143518d ago

Killzone 2 looks good, this guys seems like he know what he's talking about, but 360Degrees also has a point.

the single player doesnt really look like its amazing, just solid, while the graphics are the only reason this game is getting the amount of attention its gotten.

MP looks good though, but even if i had a PS3 i wouldnt choose it over the brutally sport-like competitive and vast customization of Halo 3's MP.

By the way, its really easy to make a game look like it has great graphics when most of the game is covered in black and gray, sorry to burst your bubble N4Sony.

CrazedFiend3518d ago

It's ok 360degrees. I feel your pain. Just yesterday I bought Mario Kart...uh,, better yet, a Ferrari and HATED IT! I mean it drives like a tank, the steering doesn't work and I could barely get the thing up to do the speed limit! So I took it back well, yesterday.


Hope I helped you get your point across 360.

Spydiggity3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

thank you.

i know everyone here is givin you sh!t cuz you weren't blown away by this game. i'm not blown away at all! in fact, i beat the game just a few hours ago and the entire time i kept waiting for my mind to get blown and it never happened. the game is just average. it takes a lot of the winning formulas from other games like CoD and Halo (in fact there was a lvl in the 2nd half of the game that looked just like lvl 1 from halo 1) and it does a good job of putting them together. but even when things are going on that should be fun to experience, the controls ruin it. and the motion blur. if you try to spin around to shoot a guy behind you, you have to stop the spin before you can even see what you're shooting. and you often have to make several adjustments to zero in for a headshot. i don't know if it's the game or the ps3 controller, but it's brutal. and how this wasn't something that hurt the game's reviews detrimentally is beyond me. also, the graphics are not great. what is, is the lighting. and lighting can trick the eyes into thinking you're looking at better quality than you are. but when you look at a surface it's bland and blurry, not detailed.

so after i beat the single player i moved on to multiplayer thinking that would give me time to adjust to the lousy sensitivity but i still was playing like a noob. but the funny thing was, so was everyone else. it was like the game was putting us all on the same noob level. i don't have a mic for my ps3 yet, so i couldn't ask anyone else what they thought. but through my tv i heard a lot of complaining and a lot of 12 year olds trying to rap.

bottom line is, controls aside, this game is only good. it's not great, it's definitely not special. but when you factor in the controls, i'd like to get my money back.

i'm sure a lot of ppl will take what i've said personally and report me for spam or something ridiculous, but you should all know that i don't take it personally that you give this game WAY WAY too much credit. but i really think that if you played a few PC games, this game would simply be unbearable. and you can trash talk halo all day, but at least it's one of the few console FPS that actually gets controller sensitivity right. the graphics may not be great, but at least the controls don't detract from the experience. and i can't believe i'm going to say this, but i see no reason to play killzone if you own any of the call of duty's.

edit: i know i'll be called a 360 fanboy, but i actually hate microsoft and sony. and i think their consoles hold back the progress of gaming and the evolution of ideas that used to be what making the gaming industry such a unique element in the entertainment community.

The gaming GOD3518d ago

A great game comes to a system, then fanboys of the opposite system say they have the game and "are not impressed" blah blah blah.

And the usual fans of said other system agree with their fellow fanboy. Knowing damn well that not a single one of them even have the game to agree and/or disagree with anything in the first place.

And the better the game is, the more they "hate" it. Case in point, look at the long winded rant in the post above mine :)

CrazedFiend3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I WAS being sarcastic!

Sorry, I really didn't think you had to actually spell the word out for everybody to see it!

I know 360degrees is an idiot just as much as everybody else!

I just don't think he really bought the game. Was it that hard to catch?

EDIT: Oh, I get it...It's the Ferrari Fanbois!
Don't worry, I know Ferrari's aren't made out of plastic f(^o^)

Tru_Ray3518d ago

How can a self-imposed Christian gamer call himself a Christian when this industry has been built on a legacy of visceral, senseless, and quite frankly indulgent violence? This is an industry that thrives and profits on the civilization of violence (please refer to to the film Naqoyqatsi if you are not following my line of logic).

I mean, a game comes out with the transparent title of Killzone, and this douche bag is praising it?

Don't get me wrong, I am fan of ultra-violent video games, but I am not a fan of self-deception.

Hardcore gamers pray in a different church. This gamer/author is confused.


japanese_dawn3518d ago

Looks like you have too much free time boi, here's a c0ck go play with it!

9mmPreacher3518d ago

Are you kidding me? Since when is a games violence even somehow related to real violence? Playing a violent game doesn't make you a violent person. The bible is all about loving one another, not being violent to others in real life. Video game violence does not equate to real life violence, same with movies. If this was the case Leo DiCaprio would be wanted for murder, Sean Connery would be incarcerated for stealing and Christopher Reeves for flying without a lisence.
Cmon man!

morganfell3518d ago

What happened to "Thou shall have no false gods before me." Looks like christian gamer found himself a new god to worship and a faulty one at that - the 360.

gaffyh3518d ago

Anyone owns a 360 & PS3, and got Killzone 2 will realise that this game is amazing. I have owned (and still own some) Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears 1 & 2, Resistance 1 & 2, Orange Box. And these are considered as Best of the best.

But Killzone 2 is easily better than ALL OF THEM, in EVERY WAY.

bigc0720043518d ago

let me just say all fanboyism aside that the campaign is nothing new and its boring....bottom line we all know that...the graphics are amazing..and the multiplayer is pretty fun. it isn't the BEST, but its a pretty good online multiplayer it a system seller? to me no. i want an excuse to get another ps3 since i have sold mine..i actually thought i would have one by now...maybe when heavy rain or god of war 3 comes out i'll pick one up...but out of a possible 10 i give killzone 2 a well respectable 7.8...which means yes its worth buying

Blademask3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

No one has said Killzone2 is the best game ever, and if they have. They should be shot. So yes, I agree as the best FPS ever. Kz2 falls short, just as Halo3 does, and COD4&5, Bioshock, and as far as shooters, Gears 1 & 2 fall short of the best shooters ever. But those are all good games by themselves. And even some mentioned although not perfect, are the BAR for FPS this generation. Killzone2 is literally no different than any of those other titles.

There has been no single Console FPS this generation that has done anything innovative that wasnt' done before. Not Halo, Not Portal, Not Mirrors Edge, not Bioshock, Not COD4. Nothing. Map builders were done on PC for ages, Co-Op has been done, everything has been done. This is all understood by a certain # of gamers who have been gaming for at least 2 generations. Its a "buh buh" excuse for critics to hide behind because they realize theres nothing they can fault KZ2 for that they cant fault COD4/Halo3 for. If you want to pretend Killzone2's singleplayer is sooo underwhelming, you have to apply that same logic to Halo/Gears/COD4&5. But wait, those games were all given passes for the short/repetitive/scripted/lack of enemy variety/ Singleplayer modes.

KZ2 isn't supposed to be a NEW experience in a campaign, its your basic scripted FPS story mode exactly like Halo3's and COD4&5's. You walk, trigger an event, fight, and move on. FPS's can only change this with adding gun/turret/rail shooting moments, but its all universally the same Half-Life(pc) moments relived over and over. Guess what Halo OSD is going to be and all other FPS's.. Walk, scripting, fighting, repeat.

To pretend that just having an OK singleplayer and a second to none multiplayer isn't going to cut it, when COD4/Halo3/Gears all get away from it definitely deserves some sort of explanation. All of those games had their single players virtually ignored in reviews due to them being short and not THAT great, but the online is where the bread and butter is. Were you playing any top FPS this generation saying to yourself "Wow i've never seen this before" The entire time? No. Because you did, especially in the case of the Top FPS's.

The problem is that KZ2 can't get a fair review due to the clear bias against the idea of the game delivering on what GG set out to do. At the outset of KZ2 they said they want to make an amazing FPS game, great online and thats it. They delivered a game in 3.5 years that shattered the bar of what everyone knew was possible on consoles. They did it without an install and in HD with 7.1 surround sound. They also pulled of one of the most comprehensive online setups in FPS gaming.

And you really want to pretend that you can see how COD4/5 gets a 10/10 for story/onine, but you cant see how KZ2 can do it? Please.

Saying a game offers nothing new, while ignoring the first person cover system totally, is just a cop out because theres nothing solid you can take away from the games performance. If the standard for FPS story is Halo3/COD4. KZ2 sits right there with the cheesy lines, the scripted scenes, the rail shooting, and the length. I would love hear how its up to Killzone2 to innovate when all top FPS games have gotten away without a single new idea.

This would all be different if there was some amazing FPS that scored 95% on consoles, that had amazing innovative online, amazing innovative single player, amazing innovative loading screens, amazing innovative credits, but there isn't. We have Halo3 & COD4. That is not a hard bar to sit next to, or surpass.

bigc0720043518d ago

i'm not trying to crap on killzone 2 in anyway...i'm just giving my 2 cents..i do think its yet another over hyped game though just because of people saying stuff like "KILLZONE 2 RAPES ALL SHOOTERS!"...and"HAL O KILLER 2!"...when halo was murdered by bioshock, cod4 and 5, resistance 1 and 2, and gears 1 and 2...but from all the hype people are making it seem as though killzone 2 was the ps3's saviour and system seller. it's a beautiful game, but like you said its just another game that falls a little short

BELIE7ER3518d ago

@tru ray - "How can a self-imposed Christian gamer call himself a Christian when this industry has been built on a legacy of visceral, senseless, and quite frankly indulgent violence?" funny- it looks like your the one who is "self imposing"! so i guess your the one who should pass judgement on what type of game this christian should play? maybe there is more to the shooter genre than just violence. some of these games might actually have a story that revolves around the player be part of a larger struggle for survival or a war. maybe you have not yet learned that killing is sometimes needed to save more lives. maybe, just maybe, he can tell the difference between fantasy and reality just as well as any other well adjusted person. " Hardcore gamers pray in a different church. This gamer/author is confused." - maybe your confused.

Ju3518d ago

Amen, Blademask.

I might be the only one who thought I'd buy the game for the single player (because I am not that much a fan of competitive "i shoot you first" games), but suddenly, I had no time to get into the mission too much, because the MP is addicting as hell (sorry, for that). :)

Nonsense 4 Gamers3518d ago

I remember a month or so ago Hardcore Christian Gamer tried to say the were neutral even though they're site reeked of 360 fanboyism. I guess God told them that the 360 is better and since they're Christian they have to listen.

Anyways, Killzone 2 is the best game ever... REALLY! I played for 16 hours straight yesterday!

StephanieBBB3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

It captures the essence of war in a way no other shooter can. If your just out to toy around with friends like in Halo 3 forge then no Killzone2 is not for you. But if you wanna experience chaos and perfection at the same time then yes buy this game.

Jake11113518d ago

I own both systems 360 and PS3. There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING on the 360 that even comes close to KZ2. I played it last night for 2 hours and I am floored......

Not only are the graphics and sound amazing, the AI has yet to be this close to real life in any other game I have played.

Let me give one example. I was in a room peaking out the door. I was getting shot and I was like... What the hell?? Damn clitch getting shot through the brick wall. So I backed up and looked left. No LIE here. I looked through a small piece of glass shot out in the window to my left and noticed a Helgast dude shooting from another room through a small hole in the glass in his room across the open area and through the small hole in my window and hitting me in the shoulder..... What the hell GG?? You are amazing!

I have never played a game yet on any console that has had my heart rate up as high as it was last night. When there was smoke rising and the bullets were flying, when the lightening and sounds were crushing, when the helgast were running from my bullets and taking cover.

Lets be honest. There hasnt been an FPS like this ever.



This game will only push other developers to compete both on the 360 and PS3.

Who wins?? WE DO!


CommonSense3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

you all must be brainwashed.

it's like we're playing 2 completely different games. Killzone 2 is not amazing, not special, not even great looking. the only thing it does well is lighting. the controls are so god awful, it ruins any other possibly positive qualities.

snap out of it.

this game does not offer a real "war feeling," it doesn't "redefine the genre," and for the love of god, it is not the best game of all time. if you think any of these things are actual descriptions for killzone 2, you are either insane or blind. it really does feel like you're all brainwashed. i bought this game -- beat it, and i see none of the qualities you are mentioning. there were no "WOW" moments, there was no place where i was "floored" by amazing visuals. it's a clunky shooter with no original ideas, and the controls are so horrid you have to struggle to choke it down. seriously, console gamers are such noobs. when everyone started praising call of duty 4 for being anything other than crap, i knew i no longer belonged with you people. and call of duty 4 is, in almost every way, better than killzone 2.

ProperFunked3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

you may only have 1 bubble (plus the 1 i just gave you), but you speak truth. i bought this game as a "must have" for my game library, but if RE5 and KZ2 we're sold on the same day, i would gladly have bought RE5 over this. everything you say is almost exactly how i feel, except that yeah it is a pretty game, that does lighting extremely well, but the controls suck and sony fanboys will defend it to the death because of the blindness caused by fanboyism saying stuff like "well, i already got used to the controls" or "its the weight of the gun to add realism"...really?? weight from the gun that causes an honest half second delay in reaction to your characters movements constantly causing an over/under compensation in aiming properly? bullsh*t. and i CANNOT STAND RICO, sh*test fvcking character to ever come out of my PS3 and i really hope he gets killed off some how, and his voice acting sucked big time. him and natco (<-sc)

CommonSense, I'm glad im not alone with these thoughts =)

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II Necroplasm II3519d ago

Fanboys on this site is like moths to the flame

Omegasyde3519d ago

Wow 9mmpreacher = Christian gamer main author

9mm preacher = oxymoron, because why would a preacher need a gun?

Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.

So you :helped: create this site, not because you are a christian but because you are starving for attention. Let me guess you also created as well.

9mmPreacher3518d ago

I'm actually a Navy Police Officer, my issued weapon is a 9mm. I am also a preacher. So, there ya go!

x THE CHEETAH x3518d ago

Good write-up on the game... I hope all is well with you and yours. Take care.

bigc0720043518d ago

if you get in a firefight your done need to upgrade to a sig sauer .45

BELIE7ER3518d ago

@omegasyde- so someone cant be a christian and have guns? you need a history lesson. we all need guns. what little fantasy world do you live in? just a little tip for you - don't try invading my house. ;)

ProperFunked3517d ago

dont try invading my pants...=p

i kid i kid =D

and i think jesus was talking about the bible when he mentioned "sword"
i could be wrong tho, idk

BELIE7ER3515d ago

Jesus made a couple references to swords, but i think the specific references to the Word of God being a sword comes later in the new testament. as far as using force or going to war, there is always a season for such things. its still a sad truth. just ask israel.

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Pennywise3519d ago

This game, based on multiplayer alone is absolutely worth a buy in my opinion. I have never been so impressed with a game before, and I truly believed that this game was going to be just another shooter.

^ Quote from the site. I usually wouldnt click this guys site, but thought it would be entertaining. His opinions basically mimic mine. This game is amazing. Nice read christian gamer. (Its just weird that a 360 fanboy and a "christian" is so in love with this game)

BELIE7ER3518d ago

"(Its just weird that a 360 fanboy and a "christian" is so in love with this game)" - actually its not. its a solid beautiful game and he recognizes that just like anyone else should.

Cajun Chicken3519d ago

What I like is that Guerilla are bound to shame the third party publishers taking the p**s with game installs these days, hopefully first party PS3 games keep this up!

Lich1203519d ago

Today, maybe he wasn't being sarcastic? On the off chance you aren't then there you go.

bohemian 233517d ago

How do you disagree with the fact I didn't know the game was out yet? I don't own a ps3 and am not saying anything negative about the game. I just didn't know it was out yet.