GCHD: Killzone 2 review. Verdict: "It has a legitimate chance to contend for FPS of the year"

GCHD Writes: "In the final calculus, Killzone 2 is solid game, well worth the sixty dollars for any PS3 owner. Does it surpass the exclusive shooters on that other HD console? The answer is not easily obtained, as everything the developers get right in this title has been introduced in others. Yet, such a strategy is no doubt a respectable way to create a game. Guerilla is willing to borrow from the greats, and their latest game bears the benefits. Killzone 2 may not be the best title ever made, but it has a legitimate chance to contend for FPS of the year, and represents a vast, vast improvement over the original."

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Old_School_Gamer3522d ago

This is the best game Ive ever played. The only reason why Im not playing it right now is because I have to take a break and eat. Im a total COD fan, but this game brings me so much joy that I dont even think about COD when Im playing this game. I love it.

WildArmed3522d ago

Agreed. All i need to do is go home after my physics exam.. and get back to killzowning :D

xbollox3522d ago

single player campaign is amazing so far, this game beats halflife for the atmosphere and the immersion and beats COD4 for the intensity of the gameplay and the shooting experience.

the sound is phenomenal, this is the best looking and sounding game in history: get a good sound system guys and crank the volume up: you'll experience the most advanced 3D audio ever in a game. i'm playing it on a big projector and sound system, it feels like i'm playing a sci-fi movie!

reviewers: you are all full of sh!t. this game beats anything else this gen on any platform, period.

jammy_703522d ago

is a solid 9.5!! its fantastic!!!

hell with FPS of the year.... GOTY!!!!!

XLiveGamer3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

lol !

If you are going to judge him for his Graphics then yes possible game of the year but its just March 2009 there's a lot of months left.

Now on the 1st Person Shooter of the Year... lol !

Its just lol !

Mirrors Edge was supposed to be GOTY but to who they give it to?
Grand Theft Auto 4 ... lol

Panthers3522d ago

Mirrors Edge? I didnt hear anyone say ME would get GOTY.

FreeMonk3522d ago

Graphically, the game is truely outstanding. Booting the game up, and watching the intro sequence to the game, and then witnessing the game jump into the actual game with no difference in graphics, it a exceptional feet by the developers.

The Sound is spot on, the atmosphere of the game makes you feel like your in a war.....BUT!

The controls are poor. Instead of giving the gamer the option to pick the controls they want, they give you options, none of them offering a perfect setup.

For me, COD4 was a perfect control scheme for a FPS. The controls in Killzone 2 though are made a little difficult, no matter what setting you put them on.

I tried each one, and went with the 'Alternative 2' setting, and after getting to the second mission, my fingers were hurting.

I'm not denying that the game is superb, but for me, the controls are putting me off, and may do the same to other people.

I know I'm going to get LOTS of Disagree's for this, but that's my opinion.

FPS of the Year? Nope...that will go to COD5: MC2 GOTY? No chance! That's probably going to either Final Fantasy XIII, COD5 or Starcraft 3.

darx3522d ago

I agree with everything you say except it's the sluggish controls that do it for me and not so much the layout. Without a doubt the worst controls I've ever had to deal with! I hope they patch it.

The realism excuse that GG is using is BS, it's a vido game!

SL1M DADDY3522d ago

Your fingers were hurting? Seriously? Sorry but it sounds more like you are in need of a finger exercise and less like the game needs any changes to the controls. I play COD4 religiously and Alternate 2 in Killzone 2 is great and no, I have not experienced sore fingers... And all that after playing through the first few levels and playing MP for hours yesterday.

Mindboggle3522d ago

Have you even played online ??? Then you will know they have totally changed the control scheme and pace of it, its very similar to COD4, and after a couple of games once you get used to it you will be addicted. For me this is like Fallout 3, found it dodgy at the beginning but its growing on me and im becoming addicted.

FreeMonk3522d ago

@ darx - It was very sluggish at first, but after increasing the X & Y-Axis, it wasn't as bad, but there's still something there that doesn't feel right, although it's very playable.

@ SL1M-DADDY - I wouldn't say hurting, but definatly aching in my left hand fingers. On any other FPS, I use my thumb on the left thumb stick, and pointing finger to switch between L1 & L2, with my other 3 fingers holding the back of the pad.

Because both the Crouch and Zoom are on the L1 & L2 buttons, and you have to keep using them both extensivly, especially seeing as you have to hold the Crouch button down to stay down, I have to use both my pointing finger and middle finger, one on each button, which is causing the problem.

With COD4, Crouch is on the face buttons, and when you click crouch, you stay down.

This little change could make things a little better, or it's the way I use my controller, I don't know, but they are definatly not as good as the COD4 controls. If you have any tips for me, let me know. I'd rather not miss out on something simple!

@Mindboggle - Yep, I played online, and it was very good, although very busy with 32 people. Only downside to it, like a lot of other PS3 Online games is the lack of mics, which is a shame.

Great taste on Fallout 3 though Boggle, AWESOME Game. Loved every second of it!

ThatOneGuyThere3522d ago

ive been playing the single player and i can not for the life of me think of a better FPS experience ever(from a campaign perspective, i havent touched online yet). this game has exceeded all of my expectations.

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OGharryjoysticks3522d ago

Since COD has as many fans as it does, if you try to say any other game is going to be regarded as FPS of the year you risk being banned from the internet for life. You just won't hear it. Maybe if there was going to be a new Halo game you could say Halo would be the FPS of the year because Halo has an enormous fanbase as well and you won't get thrown into the flames if you join the club. Making statements that cater to the masses is safe basically, common sense. But now a video game journalist in today's society who makes a strong statement supporting Sony is crazy because that's as close to career suicide as you can get.

XLiveGamer3522d ago

I want people to be real and please post a real sincere comment explaining why Killzone 2 its going to be the game of the year or the FPS of the year.

But remember graphic quality its no so important than other details in the game.

For example Mirrors Edge brings something new to the industry and they give GOTY award to GTA4 anyway.
¿Can you show me any other game where you can do things a la Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia in 1st Person view?

Now i cant wait for a game with a Metal Gear or Splinter Cell theme in 1st Person Shooter inspired by Mirrors Edge.

EA & DICE all you need to do its switch the control scheme when you hold your rifle in hand to regular 1st person shooter control scheme and also the movement that's all.

The reality is that sometimes the one that win Game of the Year Award its because they judged by how many copies have sold and not for the new things that have bring to the game industry.

Rock Bottom3522d ago

XLiveGamer should win the most Unintentionally Funny/Most Illiterate N4G member in 2009.

G-DOG3522d ago

How bout u freakin add Customizable button control scheme 4 the layout of the control. DAM U GG. I have lots of plp just on my list complaining bout that including me. 1 OF MY BUDDY ONLY HAS 1 ARM HIS LEFT & he disperatly needs that cus not only he needs 2 switch the controls 4 a lefty but move around some buttons 2 make it work 4 him. In conclusion he wont be playing wit me or at all cus its 2 dam hard 4 him. He went back 2 RESISTANCE cus it has that. Way 2 segrate every1 GG. IDIOTS. Also how bout u freaken add in game freinds invite so we can all meet in a room/lobby then go on 2 choose a game so we r all together. I cant believe a thing so important like this is missing but hey it does say in game invites in the back of the box. Thats misleading GG thank u 4 screwing that up. I had such a hard time trying 2 play with my friends. Yes i know u can click on ur friends & go 2 the game their at but what if its full or 10 or so of u r trying 2 get together. Sh*t u need to have 1 enter a game & hope that there is rrom 4 everyone 2 enter & then u might not even b on the same team. GG/SONY what the [email protected]*K ha. How hard is it to add this asap. PLEASE show support & hit agree if u do.

1ikedamaster3522d ago

And fanboys wonder why it didn't get perfect scores.

WildArmed3520d ago

Reality check,
It got many perfect scores.. open your eyes.
Dont try to hate on fanboys, when u are one of them.

Btw, great idea.. GG will DEFINITELY come to N4G and read the damn comment section for ideas to improve k2 >_>
n4g is infested with fanboys, doubt they'll ever head over here.
i doubt ANY dev would

BMS843522d ago

It has a BIG chance to contend for the FPS of 2009..

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