Everyday Playstation: Killzone 2 Trophy Guide

Everyday Playstation: "Trying to get the all might platinum? Are the Helghast making it too tough for you? Here is the complete Trophy Guide for Killzone 2! Credit goes to disco_x!"

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WildArmed3523d ago

damn.. already?

not that i need one :D
I rather get it and be surprised

ActionBastard3522d ago

Agreed. I like playing through and being surprised. More fulfilling for me.

DelbertGrady3522d ago

I agree with Action Bastard. I want to experience this game to it's fullest.

Microsoft Xbox 3603522d ago

the Veteran difficulty is really hard. Just got done beating it yesterday. I can't imagine Elite mode.

Max Power3522d ago

i think after i am done the game on Vet, i am going to play the game on easy and get as many trophies as i can, then i will play it on elite.

venomcarnage893522d ago

elite is the same difficulty level as far as enemy count and the health of them, it just takes away cross hairs, which will def make it alot tougher. veteran difficulty is hard enough to piss me off pretty bad sometimes.

phosphor1123522d ago

And let me tell was a PAIN to get the demon slayer trophy..which was beat Radec in less than 20 mins.

That game was so hard lol..It's almost just as hard as the COD games..but thats because that game has unlimited bad guys unless you push up.

Gish3522d ago

Thank god this veteran mode isn't anything like COD:waw though. that was just ridiculous.